Good morning!
Before things get 'all goofy', I am so happy and I want to tell you why.
I get to publicly welcome our newest family member, Orelle Jackson. We are SO happy (and lucky) to have her. Based out of Columbus, OH, we frequently hear quotes from Ohio State's storied coach, Woody Hayes.
"You Win with People" was a favorite of his and he could not be more correct.
We won with Rachael.
We won with Bryan.
We found another winner in Orelle, our Director of Engagement. Orelle has served on our board for a couple of years and she has a deeply compassionate heart, an unrelenting perseverance for good, she is 'shake-my-head' insightful.
This feels like 3+1=6.
Orelle, so <absolutely> wonderful to have your talents with us all!

Now, a few simple thoughts.

Hopefully, like me, you are seeing a light at the end of the tunnel (vaccine update). Last Friday, we talked about the benefits of indoor walking (link). This week, we’ll cover outdoor walking. 

While there are times we will want to be inside, being outside is a good thing.

Cold weather.

Our kids’ pediatrician, Dr. Bolton who walks throughout the winter shares, “No such thing as bad weather, just bad clothes.”

Keeping things simple. 
This is what I do when I go out.

Base layer to pull the sweat away from your skin- Costco has 32 Degree brand tops and bottoms that work perfectly. They’re around 8 dollars.

Middle layer - fleece, sweatshirt, down coat maybe. FWIW, been wearing one of those puffy coats for years in this role; worth their weight in gold to me. It’s shredded and leaking down but you can’t tell because of the shell. 

Outer Shell - protects from the wind and rain, but you’re smart enough not to be outside in a cold rain. 

Warm hat covering the ears and gloves thick enough where you can’t swipe your phone 

Finally, we always recommend our cardiac patients something over the mouth to warm the air coming in. That’s a lot easier nowadays.
Pizza doesn’t work, air can’t get through.
Hope this leads some of you braving the weather to add to your steps
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Did You Know...
Did you know that the CARES Act passed by Congress, created a universal charitable deduction for the tax year 2020 only? This means that even if you don't itemize, you will be able to deduct qualified charitable deductions from your taxes. If you need additional information please check out the IRS and Charitable Ohio.
Stay Hungry. Stay Foolish.

David, Rachael, Bryan and Orelle
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