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14 May 2019


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"The human body has many parts, but the many parts make up one whole body. So it is with the body of Christ." - Paul, in 1 Corinthians 12:12

As we in J17 Ministries "unite the body of Christ FOR a divided world," you could say that our part is to connect the parts. Have you ever worked a 1000 piece jigsaw puzzle and get all the way to the end only to find one missing piece? That missing piece suddenly is of prime value, no matter what's painted on front of it. You'll spend a long time searching for the missing piece, because the puzzle isn't complete without it.

I wonder if the missing piece in the body of Christ hasn't often been the part-that-connects-the-parts piece. We prioritize many things, rightfully so. But how often do we prioritize unity... ironically, the one thing of highest priority to Jesus as He prepared to fulfill His purpose on earth? Great parts in the body of Christ have often remained completely isolated from one another, as if they were all still sitting in the box instead of painting the incredible picture God designed.

We certainly aren't the only part-connecter in the body! We move in to our new office today with a phenomenal part-connecting operation at the Center of Opportunity. Our uniqueness is that connecting parts is the only thing we do... in Tucson, between cities, and ultimately (we believe) throughout the world. If we do our part well, every other part will find their job more fulfilling, more successful, more aligned with Jesus' heartbeat, and therefore more filled with His Holy Spirit.

Dave Drum, Founder
J17 Ministries

PS, If you can't come to our open house next Tuesday, May 21, join us this Saturday, the 18th, from 11:00 to 2:00 at the Center of Opportunity's open house. We'll be there!
New News about
We're moving!
We are in the process of moving in to J17 Ministries' first-ever office space, located at the HSL Center of Opportunity . If you didn't yet see, we will be having an open house a week from today, so be sure to check out the announcement at the end of this newsletter. We are still looking for donations of new or gently-used office furniture . Specifically, we still need:
  • Desks (2-3)
  • Bookshelves
  • Meeting table(s)
  • Folding chairs
  • Floor lamps (2-3)
  • Table lamps (2-3)
  • Large TV/monitor screen (with HDMI)
  • Coffee pot
  • Electric tea kettle
Thank you to everyone who has donated to date! Whether or not we have our office space fully furnished, we look forward to having everyone who can make it come to our open house next Tuesday.

Unity series
Back at the end of January, Pastor Dave Drum wrote a series of articles on unity. You can check out them out here. For those who would appreciate a video instead, today is your day! Over the coming weeks, we will be posting the corresponding video series to our Facebook page and YouTube channel. Check out the first installation!
Harmony Hub
Prayer for Unity in Diversity

Our Lord and God,
the only Uncreated One,
above and outside the cosmos you made:
there is no one like you.
We praise you for sending your Son, our Beautiful Savior,
to rule and reign over us as our Eternal King,
to draw us near to you as our Great High Priest,
and to draw us near to each other through the reconciliation of his blood.
Through Christ, who is our peace: make us one .

Divine and sovereign Creator,
in your wisdom you have made us diverse.
But in our folly, we have feared our variety:
we have built up walls and barriers to isolate;
we have interrupted the harmony you designed
for clan and culture,
for sex and language,
for old and young.

Forgive us, Lord,
and help us rightly celebrate your creative diversity
as it is expressed in us:
your creations—beautifully and wonderfully made!
By your Holy Spirit,
bring shalom into our hearts and minds,
that we might extend our arms toward those who are different than us.
Through Christ, who is our peace: make us one .

Wise and loving Maker,
in your wisdom you have made us one.
But in our folly, we have grown suspicious of our unity.
We have found too many ways to bicker and argue
about theological differences,
about worship preferences,
about how your church ought to look in your world.

Forgive us, Lord,
and help us learn how to value one another’s perspectives,
discoursing in a posture of openness toward the other,
offering our disagreements in a spirit of love,
that your people’s many viewpoints might be unified in heart and mind.
By your Holy Spirit,
bring unity amidst our diversity,
and grant us the wisdom to distinguish this diversity from heresy,
so that in our celebration of difference your church would be kept free
from error.
Through Christ, who is our peace: make us one .

Father, Son, and Holy Spirit;
One-in-Three and Three-in-One;
True Unity in Diversity:
May your church, beautiful in its variety,
reflect your own Trinitarian community.
Through Christ, who is our peace: make us one .

Harmony Hub Contributor:
Corey Janz, Regent College
Reprinted with permission from Resonance, A Theological Journal
Collaboration Corner
Another imminent move

God is on the move! I keep hearing people all around our city commenting on that. Have you sensed it too? One indicator is when God moves His people around - shifting body parts for better alignment for the new things He's wanting to accomplish, and we're certainly seeing plenty of that shifting as well.

Tucson Ministry Alliance (TMA) is getting ready to move. We've met at Fountain of Life Lutheran on the eastside of Tucson for most of the last eight years, and have been incredibly blessed by their hospitality and generosity. If God affirms our current plan, we'll be back there again next January. But starting in July we're moving to the westside of Tucson, at GAP Ministries' facilities near I-10 and Miracle Mile through the end of 2019. We are fervently praying two things as we make this move:
  • that most of our faithful eastside regulars will make the move with us, and
  • that many new westsiders who've never experienced TMA will check it out.

Our theme this year is Kingdom Grit, and last week's theme was Kingdom Courage in the world of the Church. Courage isn't the absence of fear - it's responding to God's call despite the fear. Fear tends to grow when we're alone. But courage tends to grow when we're together.

Having been blessed to be a full time part-connecter these last eight years, I get to hear story after story after story of courageous Christians serving selflessly and sacrificially. One of my greatest joys is re-telling those stories, so that "when one part is honored all the parts are glad," as 1 Corinthians 12:26 (NLT) states. If you were at TMA last week, you might have been one of the many who mentioned how incredibly encouraging it was to hear such stories in many cases for the first time. Stay tuned, as we (both in J17 and in TMA) are working at creating some new avenues for the Greatest Story ever Told to be retold as it gets lived out in our midst.

Collaboration Corner Contributor:
Dave Drum, TMA admin team and J17 Ministries founder
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J17 Ministries Open House
Tuesday, May 21
4 - 6 pm
We are excited about being a part of what is happening at the Center of Opportunity in Tucson, AZ, and thrilled to have our office space on site! We are inviting everyone to stop in at any point during our celebration open-house. We would love to see and chat with you! Light refreshments will be provided.
HSL Center of Opportunity