Our practice has grown and, in order to continue providing you with a world class experience, we are very excited to welcome

Rachael Ritter, Licensed Laser Esthetician
Rachael is an Arizona native, born and raised in Cave Creek. She is clinically trained and an internationally licensed esthetician, cosmetic laser technician and laser safety officer, nationally certified phlebotomist, and a professional makeup artist.

At 18, Rachael was diagnosed with melanoma skin cancer, and it was a major turning point for her. Shortly thereafter, she enrolled in an esthetics course to pursue her passion. Educating her clients about the importance of skin functions, both externally and internally, has been and always will be the priority for her.
Throughout her 10-year career she has logged more than 5,000 hours using on the Sciton Halo and the Candela Gentle Max Pro.
Additionally, she has advanced knowledge with professional skincare and laser devices focusing on:

  Hyperpigmentation & Sun Damage
Hormonal Acne
Teen & Adult Acne
Sensitive skin types: Rosacea and Eczema

She is very open about her journey, and with her own struggles with her skin. Between acne and skin cancer, she has firsthand experience of not wanting to look in the mirror.
She is here to tell you; you are not alone!
“Being here for my clients to help them enjoy looking in the mirror again, but also love their reflection, is by far my favorite part of my career. Getting to see the evolution of my clients, inside and out, is very rewarding.”
You can book your next appointment with Rachael by calling our office
(480) 280-6062

We look forward to seeing you soon!