June 2018

Welcome to our quarterly Ezine!

This year marks ten years of CES. Over the past year we’ve taken the opportunity to review where we’ve come from and plan where we go to next. In 2018 we’ll publish three documents – the Ten Year Review of CES, our new strategy, and a brochure that explains who we are and what we do. Take a look at the brochure in this Ezine.

You'll also find resources for policy and practice - videos on the theme of Adverse Childhood Experiences (ACEs) and the implications for frontline practice in Northern Ireland, a blog entry on sharing your research findings, and a podcast about the Implementation Science Certificate at TCD.

Keep up to date with our work on our website and on LinkedIn  a nd Twitter. You can contact us at office@effectiveservices.org .
This year marks ten years of CES. Take a look at our new brochure that explains where we have come from and what we do. The brochure also includes some examples from our work.
CES has been working with the Northern Ireland Council for Voluntary Action (NICVA) to support organisations funded by the Big Lottery Impact of Alcohol Programme. Our work on the Programme came to an end in 2017 and the closing conference report is now available.
We organised a Masterclass with the Big Lottery Funds Reaching Out, Supporting Families Programme in Northern Ireland. The theme was Adverse Childhood Experiences, and how practitioners can become more trauma informed.
CES has been leading on the complex national evaluation of the ABC Programme , which looks at the outcomes, implementation and costs of the Programme.
Our latest podcast features Dr Catherine Hayes, Course Director of the Certificate in Implementation Science at Trinity College. We also hear from Elaine Jameson from St Michaels House, a recent graduate from the course
The popular series of workshops returns to Harcourt Street for a second year. Take some time this summer to brush up on your research skills. The next one takes place on July 5th, and is about quantitative data collection.
Our latest blog post is about knowledge translation - making your research accessible and useable for different audiences. We've got six tips to get you started.
New resources from the world of implementation, relevant to policy makers and practitioners. We feature resources from Canada and the UK.
CES connects policy, practice and research, helping to ensure the implementation of effective services, to improve the lives of people across the island of Ireland.