To our Pittsburg Businesses -

The Pittsburg Chamber of Commerce is learning as we go in regards to coping with COVID-19. We are working hard to provide programs and services to businesses and patron, despite the restrictions.

Below please find the following that we hope you will find useful:

* What the Pittsburg Chamber is doing to help you.
  • Information on our #SupportNowShopLater program
  • business listing
  • Be a part of the Pitt Crew

* City and County Information sites on the virus.

* A list of tips you might use to communicate with your customers, followers, and community.

In addition, we hope that you can take a short 5 minute survey that will help us help you in the days to come. The data you provide will help direct us on how to assist you.

What the Pittsburg Chamber is Doing to Help You-
You may or may not have seen our #SupportNowShopLater campaign. We hope to drive business to your location through the purchase of gift certificates/gift cards. If you don't currently carry them - we can help. Call us or email us for assistance.
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East County Business Listing
The Pittsburg Chamber and East County are collecting information on whether you are open, closed, pick-up only, have changed your hours and so forth.

To register your business, email the Chamber or go directly to
Be a Part of the PITT CREW
We are all in this together!

Introducing the Pitt Crew Small Business Grant Program.

Every good team has a support system and a crew behind them.

The Pittsburg Chamber of Commerce is partnering with Belleci Signs and Apparel to sell Pitt Crew shirts in order to fund a grant program for small businesses (to cover small incidental bills etc.)

More information will come on how small businesses can apply and what the funds can cover.

In the meantime, you can be a part of the Pitt Crew too! Order today.
  • Shirts come in gray and black.
  • Place your order by April 2nd and they'll be ready by April 7th.
  • The Chamber will work with you on pick-up or delivery for Pittsburg locations only.
  • Goal is 500+ T-shirts.
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Important 5 Minute Survey
Thank you for your time and information.
Helpful Business Tips

  • Keep your customers informed. Make sure they are aware of any changes in your day-to-day operations or modified business hours. The Pittsburg Chamber is collecting this information as well and working with to get the word out. Contact us at

  • Highlight delivery and takeout options. Sharing your delivery and takeout options will put customers at ease and help keep revenue coming..

  • Reassure your customers. Let your customers know about all of the precautions you're taking to help reduce the virus spread - such as additional cleaning measures, staff adjustments, staff training, handling of packaging, and so forth - so as to reassure them that you are safe to do business with.

  • Stay engaged with your social following. Your social media channels provide a captive audience opportunity, not only for information, but for connecting. Use your social media outlets and schedule messages to keep followers engaged. Show your employees washing hands, show your delicious food, show deliveries going out - as an example. It would also be a good idea to put positive encouraging messages out to keep spirits up.
We wish to thank our first responders, all those connected with essential services, warehouse staff, postal carriers, and our businesses who are staying open to help run things and provide during the shelter in place.

Your business Catalyst, Convener, and Champion -

Wolfgang Croskey, CEO & Staff

Pittsburg Chamber of Commerce