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The COVID-19 hot spots we have been monitoring are still very much out of control, yet again establishing daily reported infections records, as testing expands and the virus continues to devastate our planet. Brazil, Russia, India, Peru, Chile, Mexico, Pakistan, Qatar, Bangladesh, Saudi Arabia, and, of course, the United States are bringing us within a week of 7 million global infections and only a few days away from 400,000 deaths. Today's 126,014 new global infections built the highest report of the pandemic.
  • COVID-19 Global cases: 6,566,476 (+126,014)
  • COVID-19 Global deaths: 387,878 (+5,682)
  • COVID-19 Global death rate: 5.91%
Sweden's government updated its coronavirus cases upward today with an explosion of cases. The country of 10.3 M, which did not impose a stay at home order, now has 40,803 cases and 4,542 COVID-19 deaths, compared to Portugal, a country of 10.6M, which imposed a Shelter In Place order, with 33,261 cases and 1,447 deaths. Earlier today, the BBC published an article entitled " Coronavirus: Sweden's Tegnell admits too many died". Less deaths (4,421) have been reported in California, yet the huge west coast state has a population four times larger than Sweden's.
COVID-19 Ravages Mexico
Mexico had its worst day of the pandemic today, passing the 100,000 cases mark, and its first 4-digit report of a single-day count of victims (1,091) and just under 4,000 new infections in one day. The country's numbers are as follows:

  • 101,238 cases (+3,912)
  • 11,728 deaths (+1,091)
  • 11.58% death rate

The country's high death rate and low testing numbers (only 293,078 tests) confirm the country's significant blind spot. Is Mexico The Next Coronavirus Epicenter?
Iran's Trouble
Iran is losing its battle against COVID-19, reporting 3,134 new infections and 70 coronavirus deaths today, rivaling its initial pandemic wave that peaked on April 29, 2020 with 3,901 daily cases and 123 deaths on that day. The announced death tolls in the current second wave of infections have stayed in double digits, with somewhere between 50 and 70 new deaths announced daily. As it stands, Iran has confirmed 160,696 infections, while the disease has killed 8,012 of its people.
In the US
A first in North Carolina, the state had kept its daily new cases under 1,000, but today announced 1,199 new COVID-19 infections, joining three other states over the 1,000 mark: California (+2,258), Texas (+1,464), and Florida (+1,317). Combined with the other 46 states to keep the daily new infections count above 20,000 yet one more day, bringing the national total closer to 2 million coronavirus cases, a record we would rather avoid reaching most likely this coming Monday.

  • COVID-19 USA cases: 1,901,688 (+20,731)
  • COVID-19 USA deaths: 109,127 (+1,068)
  • COVID-19 USA death rate: 5.74%
The original Floridian COVID-19 infections peak of 1,277 single-day cases established in early April has been eventually topped twice, with two single flares of 1,413 in mid April and 1,339 a week later. Today's 1,317 jump is consistent with the wild fluctuations from 379 cases on 5/27 to 1,212 new cases only two days later.The state's curve is a troubling zigzag.
In California
The State of California passed the 120,000 milestone today with 2,296 new cases uncovered via aggressive testing through our 58 counties. Los Angeles County has reached 58,234 cases, almost half of the state's infections, and 2,489 reported COVID-19 deaths, representing 56% of the state's painful devastation.

  • COVID-19 California cases: 120,258 (+2,296)
  • COVID-19 California deaths: 4,421 (+61)
  • COVID-19 California death rate: 3.68%
In the Central Valley
Today, Madera announced its highest single-day infections count of 12 cases, confirming the local spread has been trending up, with 45 new cases -- 35% of the Madera County pandemic's total -- revealed in the last 10 days. The combined coronavirus cases from the 7 local counties passed the 8,000 mark today.
Madera + 6 counties

  • COVID-19 Mariposa: 16 cases, 1 death
  • COVID-19 Merced: 310 cases (+1), 7 deaths
  • COVID-19 Madera: 129 cases (+12), 3 deaths
  • COVID-19 Fresno: 1,944 cases (+30), 37 deaths
  • COVID-19 Tulare: 2,026 cases (+22), 90 deaths (+1)
  • COVID-19 Kings: 1,168 cases (+31), 6 deaths (+1)
  • COVID-19 Kern: 2,418 cases (+42), 40 deaths (+1)
  • COVID-19 7 counties cases: 8,011 cases (+139)
  • COVID-19 7 counties deaths: 184 deaths (+3)
  • COVID-19 7 counties death rate: 2.30%
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