AgriSafe Offers Multiple Online Free Learning Opportunities
The shift in the workforce in the past two weeks is a critical one. Organizations around the world are encouraging their employees to work from home to prioritize health and safety of the workforce and community during the COVID-19 pandemic. Employees and students as well are feeling uneasy about the future of their education and career. This is a critical time to offer training and development to these individuals who are still thirsty for knowledge and still need to meet training goals. 

So now that the instructor-led, in-person expertise is not available how do you continue to foster learning? How do foster work-at home morale as our country deals with this crisis?

AgriSafe has a solution. We have a FREE training platform for students and essential agriculture workers who are the future of our farming family. Working through this rapid change can be difficult and we are moving quickly to help our AgriSafe members access training and information specific to our industry challenges.

AgriSafe has two learning paths we are offering FREE of charge. 

Safety in Agriculture- The goal of this series of trainings is to reduce occupational injuries and illness among agricultural producers with a targeted focus on female producers. Agriculture is a rapidly changing industry and there is an unmet training need especially among small agribusiness to improve the health of women. Topics include respiratory health, prevention of back pain, workplace violence, ergonomics, hazard communication, and reproductive health. 

Invest in Your Health- AgriSafe is offering this Train-the-Trainer series to anyone who works with youth (ages 14-23 years). The series of modules will walk you through 5 target areas and includes an instructor guide after completing each topic.

Registration for these courses takes place in the AgriSafe Learning Lab. If you are not currently an AgriSafe member, you can still register. All you need to do is set up a guest account, which is free of charge. 

Membership Exclusive Trainings
Interested in having access to more AgriSafe online training? Become a member today! AgriSafe provides training on a variety of topics that are applicable to many different populations. If you would like more information on becoming an AgriSafe member click here.

Certifications – each participant will receive a certificate of completion for each course topic that can be used to fill educational credits or turned into supervisors as part of their remote work training responsibilities. This is an excellent time for remote employees and students to catch up on training and education and build their skills for returning to the workforce.

Whether you are new to remote work, leading a team, teaching students, or just looking for more resources to increase your knowledge on the agriculture industry, AgriSafe hopes these resources can help you on your path to becoming more effective regardless of where you are.
For more information on online training options for Safety in Agriculture or Invest in Your Health, please contact Knesha Rose-Davison, Public Health Program Director. To share this communication please send this link.
Stay Safe, Stay Well,

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