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COVID-19 - Impact on Our Community
New COVID-19 infection trends have emerged in specific populations in Lowell. Specifically, the proportion of cases within neighborhoods, especially the Highlands and Lower Highlands, continues to increase. While infections among young people were low over the summer, Covid infections in people under age 19 make up one-fifth of new cases. Additionally, the disease burden is now significantly disproportionately occurring in Asian populations. While Asians make up only 21% of the Lowell population, they account for nearly 35% of cases. New infections in white populations are significantly below proportion (61% of the population but only 17.3% of new cases), suggesting the disease burden is dramatically disproportionately distributed across non-white populations in the city.
-Hannah Tello, Community Health Data Manager, GLHA
Hand Sanitizer 2
The Greater Lowell Health Alliance is pleased to inform our members of the community with the results of our efforts to provide COVID-19 assistance to the Greater Lowell Community. With the financial support from the Greater Lowell Community Foundation, the GLHA was able to purchase PPE in bulk, as well as provide mini grants to support our community agencies and local nonprofits with PPE.

We are committed to the health and safety of our community partners, especially during this time of COVID-19. The GLHA was pleased to be able to provide PPE to 30 organizations including, municipalities, schools, food pantries, and substance use disorder organizations.

Face Mask 1
PPE Items Still Available
Hand Sanitizer-8oz bottles
3-ply Masks
N95 Masks
Antibacterial Soap

Please contact Amanda Clermont for PPE
Greater Lowell Health Alliance
Annual Meeting
November 18th, 9:30-11am

Please join us on Nov 18th for our Annual Community Meeting, this year taking place virtually. We will highlight the grant projects from the past year and the great work done, release the 2020 Community Health Improvement Plan, that we have been working on with our many community partners in response to the 2019 Community Health Needs Assessment findings, and announce this year's Community Health Initiative Grant Awards! We look forward to seeing you!
GLHA Welcomes Hannah Tello to the Team!
We are excited to announce the newest member of the GLHA Team, Hannah Tello, PhD. Many of you already know Hannah as she has been working with the GLHA over the past two years, contributing to the 2019 Community Health Needs Assessment, and the 2020 Community Health Improvement Plan. Hannah officially joined the team in September as the Community Health Data Manager, and will be the Project Manager on two very important projects, Age Friendly Project and the HEALing Communities Study.
Upcoming Task Force Meetings
The GLHA continues to convene our six health priority focused task forces monthly as we engage our community partners in the action items identified through our 2020 Community Health Improvement Plan. Its more important than ever to share resources and work together as a community. All task force meeting are open to the public, all are welcome! Contact Amanda Clermont to receive minutes and meeting reminders.
Substance Use Prevention
Tues. Nov. 4th, 9-10am

Housing & Built Environment
Mon. Nov. 9th, 10:30-10:30am

Behavioral Health
Wed. Nov. 25th, 9-10am
Wellness & Chronic Disease
Fri. Nov. 20th, 9-10am

Health Equity
Wed. Nov. 19th, 10-11am

Maternal Child Health/Infant Feeding Working Group
Wed. Dec.9th, 9:30-10:30am
Community Partner Meetings & Events
Community Awards Event
Wed. Nov. 4, 8:30am

Hunger Homeless Commission
Wed. Nov. 4, 12-1:30pm
Contact: Dan O'Connor
MassHEAL Lowell Community Coalition Meeting
Wed. Nov. 18th, 2-3:30pm
Contact: Hannah Tello

SCOPE of Pain
Live Webinars, Nov 18, 6:30-9pm & Dec 9, 8-10:30pm