An Update from us on COVID-19
Hey Parents and Guardians

Camps are going full on and we are doing it right! The kids are adjusting to the rules and new system that is in place. Please continue to talk with your children about COVID-19 and why we need to be compliant and diligent with how we are responding.


  • Parents are asked not to enter the building. I have instructed the counselors to please watch and listen for your knock.

  • Please send swimsuits on a daily basis. We love to have fun playing in water.

  • All sunscreen sent will become the property of ACES. We cannot let the kids share sunscreen so we need to monitor the usage.

LASTLY - The Boys and Girls Club in CFalls has been shut down because of a possible Coronavirus contact. We are very aware how COVID-19 spreads and are doing everything we can to limit contact with children outside their groups. We want to make sure we are doing everything to prevent shut down. However, if the Health Department feels someone has been in contact with the Coronavirus we will comply with their recommendations. This may include shutting down during the day and parents possibly having to leave work to get their children.

Please continue to read our email reports so we can keep up to date with the current guidelines.

If a child has been in contact with someone with COVID-19 please keep them home and get them tested.

Lastly, if a parent enters the building and comes within six feet of a child that could have been exposed to Coronavirus, it will be our obligation to notify the county health department. This is only if there is a suspected contact with the virus.

Thank you all for your help. We plan on staying open all summer so lets do our thing and keep compliant! Thank you.

This week the kids made body parts! Below is a model of a Dead Man's Hand. It was really gross and made out of jello. So naturally they ate it.