An Update from us on COVID-19

Hello Everyone!

Lindy Physical Therapy is closed for business for now as I am trying to assist in the shelter in place directives from the government as they attempt to keep us safe. It is up to each individual to do it. If EVERYONE stayed at home for two weeks - this thing could pass... It is tough to do - I myself have been out to get supplies... Each time we go out - we increase our chances of catching the virus and therefore the ability to pass it on to someone else... so I encourage you - please stay home and stay safe. Therapy on the Rocks has remained open and at the end of the two weeks - I too may adopt their practice - we will see... I know some of you need me - I had Flu A at the beginning of the month - I was out for a week then came back only to have this Covid 19 really start up. So I feel the need for time at home for now...

In the mean time - When you go out - protect yourself and others. Harvard has resources. Click on link and it will take you to their site full of much information. Sign up for what interests you.

My personal suggestions:
  • Think about wearing gloves when pumping gas. (or touching surfaces outside your home)
  • Order supplies by pick up or deliver - then think about handling them with gloves to put them in your house. It lives on cardboard for 24 hours...
  • Start intermittent fasting to make your supplies last - plan your meals and stick to the plan. Drink water when you get cravings and see if it won't pass. Eat frequently enough to keep blood sugars regulated - each of us are different - trust your body to help you figure out your new schedule...

Set a schedule for you days. There are great books on Audible. A really good one for now is Indistractable. He talks you through so many things that will be helpful at this time. The link is a summary of the book - get it on Audible - I think it will help you!

Exercise daily! Walking is great exercise - go slowly and purposefully forward. Think about if you can walk without meeting people - sidewalks don't allow 6' distance. A good thing would be one way use of sidewalks - maybe your neighborhood could chat about that.... Me - my horses and dogs and 15 acres keep me busy but I'm still going to try to increase my true cardiovascular and strength training during this "down" time.
  • Audible book: Chi Walking / Chi Running
  • John Gary Tv - teaches Pilates - mat exercises can be done in your home - please use appropriate padding underneath you. It's a subscription. He's good!
  • Self treat with MFR and review my blog for video demos. I will try to make more soon...
  • Do projects around the house - but schedule time to do one thing at a time so you actually get something done versus getting overwhelmed ( I myself, have tons to do around my place!!!)
  • Limit Tv watching to 2 hours per day
  • Get 8 hours of sleep at night with regular sleep (me 10pm) and wake (6am woohoo - I'm sleeping in an hour!) times (it may take you a bit to get in the routine but you can set the times and stick to getting in and out of bed on schedule then trust your body to cooperate with the sleep. Some sleep meditation may help - free on Yes - you guess it - Audible! My dyslexic brain likes audios - what can I say? Another favorite is John's audio cd
  • Read a good book - my shelves are also full of real books - pick one up - My pick is Lord of the Rings (for my third read now...)
  • Limit you news watching to one hour a day - you need to stay positive! They love to sell NEGATIVE and they can't help but question and make everyone wrong... Use your brain and DECIDE for yourself what is being said.

Remember to believe in your own Personal Power. You are in charge of yourself and environment. This too shall pass but many will get sick - its reached this point because it is a virulent strain. Don't underestimate that. Please please please - stay isolated. And do what you have to do to protect yourself when you go out.

About that: I'm going to try to send out thoughts to help ease the boredom of staying in. My intention is to give you little hints and little stories and pictures of my Horses and Toby and April to help brighten your day. They will be labeled -
About That
Audio on facebook post from John Barnes

I have tried to get a link directly to it but don't seem able to ... So look for - Rob TherapyontheRocks - post you want is from March 19 and is a guided meditation from John to assist you in finding you personal power.

Toby says Life is good!!!


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