Keep (Djerassi) Dreaming With Us

Photo courtesy of J Alexander Baker ( )
Dear Friends of the Djerassi Program,
I hope this message finds you and your loved ones safely navigating a world that none of us could have predicted. A world with no maps. A world where there is more we don’t know than we do.  
Whether a longstanding friend or new, you are part of our community of artists, alumni, hikers and neighbors.  Our 583 majestic acres with its sweeping views and redwood trails are where art originates. Your support makes you part of that creative process.  
We DO know that Djerassi Resident Artists Program is committed to provide joyous and productive time for artists and arts-minded scientists to thrive. And to share that work with our friends. To reduce health risks and "flatten the curve," some of that work is now interrupted.

  • ​​Five residents are sheltering in place with us through April 8, two of whom are international. They may stay as long as it is the safest choice for them.

  • We cancelled the April 15 to May 13 residencies.

  • We are in regular communication with artists and scientists invited for Scientific Delirium Madness, our annual boundary-defying art/science residency in mid-June.

  • For residents forced to cancel their sessions due to COVID-19, we are offering alternative opportunities via a newly added winter session. These artists worked hard to earn their invitations and we want to honor that.

  • All public hikes, readings and salons are cancelled through mid-April. 

  • We are ready to reschedule in-person events when the timing is right.

  • Our most creative minds are at work to keep you connected: Follow our Facebook or Instagram pages to enjoy the work of alumni along with other “if not for Djerassi” moments. 
We DO know that in the midst of uncertainty, continued support for artists and places like ours—where art and artists matter—is critical to a vibrant world. 
We DO know that for over 40 years, the Djerassi Program has provided an unsurpassed environment for 2500 creative souls to dream, take risks, incubate new work and advance projects.
We DO know that for thousands of years, our species has found comfort, meaning and inspiration in poetry, music, books, films, plays, visual art and dance.

And lastly, we know we cannot do what we do—in certain or uncertain times—without the trust and support of a community that reveres and respects artists.

You are that community.

Please consider investing in artists whose dreams illuminate our hopes and shape the brighter days we all know are ahead. Keep (Djerassi) dreaming with us.

Your gift to the Djerassi Program has never been more important or more welcome.

Respectfully yours,

Margot H. Knight
Executive Director
2325 Bear Gulch Road
Woodside, CA 94062
(650) 747-1250