A Message From Our Founder, Angella Ocheltree

COVID-19 is top of mind for almost everyone and is surrounded by a lot of fear. Partly because we don't know yet what impact it will have, and also because we are seeing the fast spread around the world. It is a very natural human response.

Fear ignites within us four potential responses - fight, flight, freeze, or faint (collapse). The mind diverts all resources to give us a chance to survive - after all, the main job of the brain is to keep us alive! When the enemy is unseen, we have no one to fight and nowhere to go. So as we feel the anxiety created by this unseen enemy, our immune systems are compromised and digestive processes are interrupted.
To help you have better control over the emotional rollercoaster, I am giving you a three free self-hypnosis/guided meditation MP3 downloads. This first is two versions of Positive Emotional Management . Imagine how a screen door allows for a cool breeze and yet filters out all of the bugs, leaves, and trash. Use this FREE MP3 each night as you fall asleep. I am also giving you a Basic Relaxation for Life self-hypnosis/guided meditation MP3 for use during the day. Use as needed when you can take a break to breathe and release the muscular tension created by stress. Links are to the right.
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Office Hours and Best Practices

We recognize that these are challenging times, and feel it very important to maintain our regular scheduled hours of operation to provide assistance to our clients' needs. We are doing everything possible at the Right Path Hypnosis & Wellness Center to provide our clients with a sanitary, safe environment following the guidelines of the CDC. In addition to that we have a diffuser running with Young Living essential oils that are not only soothing to the body, mind and spirit, but cleaning the air as well

However, if you are choosing to self quarantine to avoid exposure, I am offering Hypnosis and Coaching sessions via Skype, FaceTime, Zoom or phone. It works the same as in-person. You just need to find a quiet place where we can talk and where you are able to sit or lay back in a comfortable position for your session. Please check with your provider, either me or those practicing in the office, to confirm the details of your appointment.

Please pray for our leaders, doctors, nation, and our world during this crisis. There is great power in focused prayer and intention for healing. So remember to take a few deep breathes into that loving energy of the divine, and to exhale fear and uncertainty...it will help you come back to a place of peace and centeredness.

Blessings from all of us at Right Path!
You are greatly loved!

Angella Ocheltree
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