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Our revamped website is LIVE!

The PTC just unveiled its updated website! We heard your feedback, and we've developed a new interface that's chock-full of resources and news and is more user-friendly to ensure you find what you need. Check it out!
Meet our new Director, Dana Cropper
We are proud to introduce our new Director, Dana Cropper. Dana previously served as Director of Education at HealthHIV. She has extensive experience in training, technical assistance, capacity-building, evaluation and is a staunch health equity advocate.
FDA approves first injectable to treat HIV

On the latest Speaking Frankly, UCSF's Dr. Kelly Johnson, talks about a recent milestone in HIV care: the roll out of the first injectable, once-monthly HIV treatment for adults.
Reflecting on harm reduction practices

How much do you know about harm reduction? Our staff co-hosted a panel with the National Harm Reduction Coalition to discuss what's working and what needs to change in harm reduction approaches.

Join the May 25 STD Expert Hour webinar. Drs. Kelly Johnson and Nael Mhaissen will discuss how clinicians can stem the rising tide of congenital syphilis. Click to register.

STI/HIV world conference is this July! Register:

The National Network of Disease Intervention Training Centers has a new web page with resources for COVID-19 contact tracers and case investigators.
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