Happy New Year to each and everyone of you. We have so many exciting things planned for this year! Like monthly workshops, more community events, potlucks, group discussions and we are starting to plan some retreats!

It's the beginning of the year. Many of you have hopes and dreams to create positive change in your lives. Often, those new years resolutions focus on making time for regular self care, nutritional changes or getting to more yoga classes.

In order to help support you in your goals, we have put together a 3 month package to help you create a sustainable wellness plan. This package gives you several services that we have found lay a solid foundation for actually creating changes that stick.

We have bundled the services and lowered the price to make it more affordable because we want you to create healthier patterns in your lives.
That is the whole reason we decided to open up shop in Bakersfield.

We love our community(thats you!). We enjoy watching it become a happier, vibrant, more diverse place for generations to come!

Be the change you wish to see in the world! It starts with you taking that first step.
We have found that if you participate in multiple types of services, you're more likely to succeed at creating true wellness practices in your life. Explore all of these services and find out which ones most resonate with you! Forming a new habit typically takes over 2 months, so that is why we have created this 3 month package of services to help you create a habit of self-care and wellness.
Month 1 includes:
-Private Yoga Lesson
-Samsara T-shirt
-Intro to Yoga/ Functional Movement Workshop Pass
-Unlimited Yoga classes
-4 Sonic Lymph Machine Sessions
Month 2 includes:
-Health Coaching Nutritional Consultation
- doTERRA Lavender Essential Oil
-Unlimited Yoga Classes
-4 Sonic Lymph Machine Sessions
Month 3 Includes:
-45 Min. Massage
-Private Yoga Lesson
-Unlimited Yoga Classes
-4 Sonic Lymph Machine Sessions
Deepening Your Practice
Tuesdays 5:45-7
with Stephen

How do you really master inversions like headstand, handstand and tripod? What is a bandha? What muscle exercises will help me master jump thoughs and arm balances?
If you have questions like this, you need to try this class!
You don't have to be an advanced practitioner. Just come with a open mind and a beyond beginner practice.
Wednesdays 5:45-7
with Velvet

Are you wanting to learn yoga but scared that you might not be able to do it? Or maybe you worry you will look silly, or heaven forbid, fart, during class!

Release your fears - Velvet is a pro at working with new yogis. She will expertly guide you into a practice that you can feel confident with!
All levels are welcome to attend.
Nutritional Health Coaching
with Velvet

  • $45 single 
  • $80 couple

Single session
  • $60 (after consultation)
  • 2 sessions : $110
  • 4 sessions : $225
  • 6 sessions : $330

Grocery Store / Pantry clean out
  • $30 per 30 min.
Walk in Tattoos
with Stephen

Every Wednesday & Sunday

First come, first served!

A small selection of pre-drawn images will be available, and custom work is always welcome!
Eleanor Medina
Why did you start yoga?
My daughter told me how good it made her feel, so I ask myself, "Why not?" I invited all of my elderly friends to join me. Yoga has really helped me and we all enjoy it!
What is the best part about a yoga practice for you?
Balance and less pain. I can balance on one foot and thats important at my age. I have carpal tunnel in both wrists and two knee replacements. As long as I do my yoga I don't have the pain I used to. Yoga really works.
Any advice to someone wanting to start yoga?
Try it! Its different but very interesting to try and it will benefit you. As you age your balance is off and your bones get brittle but yoga works!