More about our little Kevin below, but, first ...

We joined fellow cat fans for some major feline fun at the The Loft's Cinema's annual Cat Video Fest. We loved the kooky kitty videos on the big screen, and a portion of the proceeds went directly to help HOPE animals in need! Loft Program Director Jeff Yanc, who hosted the event, wrote to us and said, "We had a great week of Cat Video Fest screenings, and it turns out that of the total 42 movie theaters showing Cat Video Fest this past week, The Loft Cinema had the #1 attendance in the country! I guess that says something about Tucson's love of cats! Thanks again for all you do for animals in our community."

And thank you, Jeff, and The Loft Cinema, for all your work in supporting the kitties at HOPE!

We have lots more to share, so read on.