Liz Truss is our new Justice Minister

With all of the political turbulence that has happened over the past month anyone could be forgiven for missing the appointment of Liz Truss as the new Secretary of State for Justice.

Even though the news flew under the radar a little bit the ramifications to the UK legal system could be huge.

Our managing director Paul Mulderrig shares his thoughts about the new Justice Minister and what the new appointment might mean for the legal profession in this country.

Everyone here at at Mulderrigs would like to offer our congratulations to Theresa May on her appointment as only our second ever female Prime Minister, hopefully Mrs May will be as good as her word and run a government committed to social justice.

We are also happy to welcome the new Justice Secretary Liz Truss, who becomes the first ever female Lord Chancellor.

After the Justice Minister has settled in to her new office we hope that she will take some time to reflect on the importance of her new brief and consider some of the proposed changes to the civil justice system.

Since 2013 there have been several radical changes to the justice system implemented by the previous Justice Secretaries Christopher Grayling and Michael Gove. Unfortunately these changes have been universally negative for the UK populace, with access to justice becoming harder and harder to obtain for ordinary people.

On the horizon there is a proposed change to the law that would effectively remove the right for people to receive expert legal advice in any personal injury claim worth less than £5,000.

Many of the claims that do not meet the arbitrary £5,000 threshold are very complex and can only be properly dealt with by an expert lawyer, so this proposal should not be allowed to pass into the rule book.

Mulderrigs are committed to the idea that access to justice should be available to everyone; social justice will not be achieved by removing the rights of ordinary citizens before the civil courts.

Mulderrigs Solicitors do not want to be a part of a justice system that is only available to a privileged few and we hope that Ms Truss will consult properly with the profession and think very carefully before going ahead with any further changes.
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£4,800 compensation for severe allergic reaction

The following case study is an example of a claim where a person might not have access to expert legal help should the Government's proposed changes to the legal system go through:

Miss Trotter from Dover had been using the same salon regularly to have her roots touched up without any problems, but the hairdresser then started using a new product on her hair without performing any skin tests or strand tests.

Following the first treatment with the new product our client developed an allergic reaction which caused damage to her neck, scalp and her hair.

Our trichologist advised that it would take over five years for Miss Trotter's hair to return to its pre-damaged state, but our client was also left with some permanent sensitivity on her scalp.

Mulderrigs sued the hairdresser on our client's behalf and helped her recover £4,800 in compensation for the injury and the damage to her hair.
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