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July, 2018 Newsletter
The Newest Generation of Thread Lifts
Absorbable threads can lift face & body areas without surgery
Is there any area of your body where you want loose or sagging skin? Probably not - so you may be happy to know that there's a non-surgical treatment option that can provide an immediate lift and/or plumping without incisions, general anesthesia or significant downtime.

Mildly sagging skin can be lifted with specially designed, absorbable threads that are placed under the skin's surface. The threads are made of the same material as some of the absorbable sutures or "stitches" used in surgery, and collagen is stimulated along the length of threads before they reabsorb, producing results that last long after the thread is gone. 

Most of the threads used for cosmetic use in the USA are made of polydiaxone (PDO), which on average dissolve after six months, or poly-l-lactic acid, which dissolve over twelve to eighteen months. Skinspirations uses custom-made cosmetic threads made from polycaprolactone which don't dissolve for 24 - 36 months..

Absorbable facial threads can be divided into two main types: lifting threads and firming threads.

Barbed, or cogged, threads have tiny barbs that are strategically placed to "hook" into the surrounding tissue to lift and hold it in place.  Skinspirations uses barbed threads that have barbs pointing both up and down the thread to suspend sagging skin without the thread sliding. Thicker barbed threads are available that can even help lift breasts and buttocks.
Thread lift results

Smooth or mono threads have no barbs and are placed in a mesh-like pattern  under the skin to thicken and firm the treated area. Because they have no barbs to anchor them, smooth threads don't provide as much lifting as barbed threads but their mesh-like placement produces more firming than barbed threads alone.

They can be used almost anywhere on the body where a small amount of traction produces desirable lifting. Popular treatment areas include brows, the jawline, cheeks, the upper neck, and knees.

Vogue Asks: Does Fat Freezing Work? 
Two Experts Weigh In on CoolSculpting

Blame it on bikini season, but recently, at dinner parties across the country, a topic is back on the tips of tongues: CoolSculpting

Not a new technology, the fat-freezing procedure formally called cryolipolysis was first discovered after, rumor has it, doctors noticed that children who ate a lot of ice pops experienced fat degradation in their cheeks. "Fat is more temperature-sensitive than your skin," explains UCLA professor and plastic surgeon Jason Roostaeian, MD. "It goes through the cell death process before your skin does."

CoolSculpting was first approved by the FDA in 2010, and gained attention when it was rebranded from minor spot treatment to a noninvasive alternative to liposuction, promising to eviscerate love handles and bra bulge with the wave of a cooling paddle. 

Most recently, the non-surgical fat reduction tool was cleared to tackle loose skin under the chin, a smaller area that is more difficult to alter through natural means like diet and exercise. 

Sound too good to be true? 

Per Dr. Elliott: If you have any interest in body contouring, you know that there are dozens of places to get CoolSculpting in your town. What you may not know is that the degree of your results with CoolSculpting depend very much on the expertise of the technician performing the treatment, which is why our results are usually so much better than those achieved by most practices .

Every CoolSculpting treatment at Skinspirations is done by two, rather than one certified CoolSculpting Specialists. Two CoolSculpting experts can better determine, from every angle, the optimal treatment placement and applicator sizes to give you the most flattering, effective 360 degree results.  

Check out this video our CoolSculpting Specialists made themselves, to see their team approach in action.

Skinspirations' Secret to Getting the Best CoolSculpting Results
Skinspirations' Secret to Getting the Best CoolSculpting Results

A CoolSculpting Botched at Another Practice
Our Spoof on CoolSculpting if Done Somewhere Else

Hypertonic muscles
How Your Facial Muscle Type Determines Your Botox or Dysport Results

Your satisfaction with facial muscle relaxing treatments depends on which of the 3 facial muscle types you have

Adapted from the book, "Botulinum Toxin in Aesthetic Medicine" by Mauricio de Maio

Why do some people get better or longer lasting results from Botox or Dysport than their friends? Is the doctor mixing the Botox differently or are there "bad batches" of Botox circulating? 

The answer lies in the genetic differences in muscular behavior between people. Most people fall into one of 3 groups of facial muscle type. Do you know what your face is doing when you're not looking?

Which facial muscle type do you have?
Which facial muscle type do you have?

The Changing Physique of Golf Thanks to CoolSculpting

CoolSculpting Fan & Pro Golfer Ian Poulter
CoolSculpting Fan Ian Poulter's Comic Tip on The Pressure Putt

Refer Your "Friends"
Refer friends who are new to Skinspirations, and get a $50 Skinspirations Gift Card every time one of them has their first treatment with us. 

Reminder for Brilliant Distinctions Members - New Rules For Earning Points
Brilliant Distinctions, the loyalty program that gives you points for instant savings when you purchase Botox, Juvederm, CoolSculpting, Kybella, & SkinMedica products, has new  rules. These changes are causing confusion for our patients who didn't know about them until they try to use their points. 

Here is a summary of the Brilliant Distinctions rules on earning points:

Botox Cosmetic - Points can be earned on treatments at least 91 days apart

Juvederm dermal fillers (Juvederm Ultra & Ultra Plus, Voluma, Volbella, Vollure) - Points for a maximum of 4 syringes per day and yearly cap of 8 syringes

CoolSculpting - Points only if treatment intervals are at least 6 weeks apart with a cap of 16 cycles per year

Remember also that all points expire 
9 months after the last eligible treatment .

Brilliant Distinction Points can be redeemed in the office for all Allergan treatments listed above or for SkinMedica products from our online store.  
Join These Rewards Programs for Bonuses & Rebates

brilliant distinctions
Earn Redeemable Points When You Buy:
BD Products

You can also shop online at the Brilliant Distinctions® Mall and earn points on every purchase. Buy from many of your favorite retailers and as your gift list gets shorter, your savings on future BD treatments and products get bigger!

BD Mall

Earn Rewards for All Restylane Products, Sculptra Aesthetic & Dysport
Click here to download the Obagi Premier Points app for IOS or Android

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Save $200 on a Lyft & Lift Treatment, that combines a lower face thread lift with a Restylane Lyft (or Juvederm Ultra Plus) dermal filler treatment (1 cc syringe) (total special price of $925)

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Monthly client appreciation specials are available only during the month published (unless otherwise stated), quantities are limited, there are no rain checks or substitutions permitted, and they cannot be purchased with Care Credit financing (which takes a percentage from what we are paid). Monthly specials are not valid with any other promotions or discounts.