Join the conversation about the management of our water resources:
March 12, March 14, and April 18
On February 28, the Spring Township Water Authority voted to adopt a "Water Supply Agreement Term Sheet" between Nestle Waters North America and STWA. This Term Sheet is not a legally binding, finalized agreement. According to the document which can be found here, the 'Term Sheet constitutes only an outline of significant terms and a statement of mutual intentions.'

As illustrated by Jim McClure in 1981 (image above), ClearWater Conservancy is founded on the belief that ' we're all in the same bathtub.' The water each one of us relies on for household, industrial, and recreational use knows no municipal boundaries. We all share the important job of responsibly managing our region's water supply.
Below are upcoming opportunities to stay informed, ask questions, and provide feedback regarding Nestle's proposed plan to purchase water from Spring Township Water Authority and build a bottled water manufacturing facility in the region. Please note the varying hosts and Q&A formats for each event.
Monday, March 12
6:30-8:30 pm
Nestle public information session
Hosted by Nestle

Central Pennsylvania Institute of Science and Technology (CPI)
540 N. Harrison Road, Pleasant Gap
Nestle Waters regional Natural Resource Manager Eric Andreus will give a short presentation about the proposed factory located in Spring or Benner townships. A panel of experts will also be available to answer questions. Community members can submit questions by filling out a card before the session, by emailing or calling 1-800-450-7599.
Wednesday, March 14
6:30-9:00 pm
NO to Nestle Forum
Sponsored by the Sierra Club Moshannon Group and Nittany Valley Environmental Coalition

Central Pennsylvania Institute of Science and Technology (CPI)
540 N. Harrison Road, Pleasant Gap
Event information provided by hosts: Nestle wants to extract a over 360,000 gallons of groundwater per day from Spring Creek Watershed and build a plastic water bottling plant in either Spring or Benner Township. This is 32X what the largest commercial customer uses currently. Concerned citizens have organized a public forum about the issues. Please bring your questions, concerns and your reusable water bottle! Facebook event here
Wedneday, April 18
Time to be determined
Water Use Forum
Hosted by Spring Creek Watershed Commission

Central Pennsylvania Institute of Science and Technology (CPI)
540 N. Harrison Road, Pleasant Gap

A water use forum will be hosted by Lara Fowler from Penn State Law. The forum is at the invitation of the Spring Creek Watershed Commission. Lara teaches an environmental mediation course at Penn State and will be inviting in all interested stake holders to discuss factual realities and concerns around water uses and seek to establish a record of common ground with her 18 students from her class. Denny Hameister who chaired the commission may be able to offer additional insight.  
Spring Township Water Authority
Upcoming Meetings:
Wednesdays, March 28 and April 25 @ 7 pm
The mission of ClearWater Conservancy is to conserve and restore the natural resources of central Pennsylvania through land conservation, water resources stewardship and environmental outreach in the community.