The Empty Tomb
He's not here! He has risen!

The empty tomb is a powerful visual. It's an impossibility. It flies in the face of all we know about both the physical and the spiritual world, but apparently, we don't know all there is to know about either one. Jesus broke all the barriers. Jesus came crashing through that boundary that had, since the Creation itself, separated man from the Creator. God continued to make overtures and we humans didn't 'get it.' Even when Jesus, God's Son, showed up to live among us, to teach us, to explain to us how things were supposed to work, to encourage us to mend our ways...we humans still failed to get the message. We were both dumb and blind...unable to see the beautiful world that God wants for us and Jesus tried to explain to us and model for us. We're still trying to figure it out. The 'rules' about how things are supposed to work are so contrary to our human nature that it's hard for us to believe that there's a better way to do things. Even with Jesus' modeling for us as the divine presence in human form...we still didn't believe him or understand him. We want so desperately to cling to our humanity instead of reaching for and cultivating the divinity within us. Jesus' death and resurrection paved the way for us...because we now realize that we can't get to that life that Jesus lived for us on our own. The tomb is empty, but life has now become fuller than anything we could possibly have imagined. And our hope is in the future. Our hope is in the God who loves us and the Son who came to provide us with a way 'home.' 
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