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a UWGUC update
Emergency fund helping those in need
Your generous support of our efforts to help assist those financially impacted by the Coronavirus pandemic through our UWGUC COVID19 Emergency Fund is helping families in our county

The Flors Family were already struggling to buy food and keep the lights on. In the aftermath of record breaking unemployment percentages in response to the pandemic, Mrs. Flor was a house keeper who lost her job. Although her husband is still working, the couple were unable to make ends meet without the contribution from her income and so the struggle to provide for their two children quickly became a crisis. The couple used all their savings to pay April's rent, but had no idea how they would make May's. After carefully completing our eligibility criteria, we were able to help the family stay in their apartment.

Families who are already living paycheck to paycheck are doubly impacted by the pandemic, especially those who are minimum wage earners living in underserved and economically disadvantaged communities.

Because of your care and generous spirit, you are helping families like The Flors have a fighting chance. To date, there are 35 families currently in the final stages of receiving assistance, 72 applications are in process and countless more who are reaching out to us for help.

As we work in the community and plan with our partners, we continue to learn that thousands of Union County, North Plainfield and South Plainfield families need assistance to financially stabilize after weeks and months of not working. Please consider supporting UWGUC in addressing the long term and lasting impact the COVID19 pandemic will have on our most vulnerable community members.  
Our efforts this past week to help reduce food insecurities during the pandemic
On Monday, May 11, we received another 16 pallets of fresh produce and nonperishable food, a donation from Amazon Logistics where we coordinated and worked with 15 nonprofit agencies, faith based institutions and city officials to distribute within their communities. The distribution was held at the Jefferson school in Union Township.

We are grateful to the continued support of Amazon Logistics, the Union County Board of Chosen Freeholders and the volunteers for their support of this important effort. We also thank Mayor Michele Delisfort, of Union Township and the County Sheriff's Department as well.
Have a happy, healthy and safe weekend!