Dear Friend,
In spite of the challenges in the world -- the continuing pandemic, racial strife, growing poverty and homelessness, life marches on and provides moments of joy as well as heartache. We have to savor those special moments and keep them in our hearts to get us through these difficult times. Today, I want to set aside the sorrow and struggles I see every day and share some victories, large and small.
Since early March, we have welcomed more than 25 newborns into our Bridges to Moms families.
At least 8 women -- some new moms, some elderly -- have been successfully housed. That may not seem like a lot, but in this market, in this climate, it feels herculean.

We are so grateful for these joys, these wins against overwhelming odds.

In our own lives, too, we need to hold on to our successes, special life events and milestones so that we can rise above despair and celebrate life.

One of our most cherished supporters and volunteers, Ellen, is celebrating her 80th birthday next week. In honor of her special day, she is choosing to help one of our newly housed moms by furnishing her apartment so that it truly becomes a home. Ellen is inviting others to join her effort. Please feel free to wish Ellen a happy 80th birthday with your support! We have a few more lucky women who have been or are about to be housed - if you are thinking of ways to celebrate your own good fortune by giving back, this is a wonderful way to show that it can truly be better to give than to receive.
I'm turning 80!

No fancy party. No big trip. Not this year, anyway, But that's ok -- I already know how lucky I am to have the love and support of my family and friends. So, to celebrate my birthday, I am choosing to help a new mom in Health Care Without Walls' Bridges to Moms (BTM) program get a second chance at achieving her dreams.
"Mary" is from the Dominican Republic and hopes to be a pediatrician one day. But then she got pregnant. All alone, with no family and no support from the baby's father, she became homeless, even with her job as a receptionist. She found her way to Health Care Without Walls' Bridges to Moms program. With their support, she was able to access medical care, safety net benefits, apply for housing, and learn to care for a newborn and herself. She is not alone any more.
Today, "Mary" has a beautiful, healthy baby girl and just moved in to an apartment of her own. "Mary" wants to follow her dreams and enroll in a job training program to become a medical assistant.
I want to celebrate my birthday with the gift of a second chance for "Mary", help her turn her apartment into a safe, happy home for her 3 month old daughter by furnishing the apartment so that "Mary" can focus on her education and her daughter never has to know what it feels like to be homeless and alone.
Please consider joining my celebration of 80 years - and counting! - of life lived to the fullest by passing along the gift of hope to "Mary" and her daughter.
With all my love,
Or, text the code "80YEARSYOUNG" to 44-321

Thank you all for your steadfast love and support. Happy Birthday Ellen!
Roseanna Means, MD
President & Founder
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