Dear Friend ,
Our work to help the women who rely on us for medical care, comfort and support continues, even on this holiday weekend. The homeless community is feeling the impact of the coronavirus epidemic with more than 100 cases reported already - 1 in 3 tests given to the homeless come back positive for COVID-19.

Across all of our programs, we are reaching the most vulnerable of our clients. In the words of one of our nurse practitioners, who is calling as many clients as she can to stay in touch, "I’m continuing with outreach calls to guests. Most say they’re feeling very isolated right now and appreciate the check ins. Some are confused about social distancing, masks, what to do if they become ill, and more, so I’m including that education whenever we talk."
A few bags of groceries for mom and baby
Nurse Practitioner Amy delivers groceries to one of our clients so she can stay safe at home with her baby.
BTM client happily receiving a supermarket gift card from our nurse practitioner
Another BTM mom gets a pregnancy check and a food gift card to keep her and her unborn baby healthy and safe.
Staff wear PPE every time they go out to visit a client
Our BTE community health worker with a food delivery for one of our clients. We always wear PPEs when visiting clients.
When you can't go out a carton of groceries is life saving.
A carton of groceries means the world to an elderly woman who is alone and no longer able to make it to a shelter for a meal.
We are so grateful for the support our entire community is showing to help our clients. Donations from $10 to $10,000 are being used to purchase supermarket gift cards, food, and transportation vouchers which we give directly to our clients. We are also providing dedicated cell phones to clinicians so they can be available to check in, answer questions, or just listen to those who are more alone than ever. Needless to say, none of this would happen without your support. To the many individuals and foundations such as Liberty Mutual, Eastern Bank, and the Rx Foundation who have made emergency gifts, words can not fully express my gratitude.

People say this terrible virus does not discriminate. Everyone is vulnerable, but the homeless and poor have been hit especially hard. Everyone is impacted, everyone is afraid, and yet we never forget those who need our help, now more than ever.

You are in my prayers, wishing you and your family a happy and healthy holiday.

God bless you,
Roseanna Means, MD
President & Founder
Health Care Without Walls, Inc.
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