Robert V. Lange

I n the United States we grapple with ideas of essential and non-essential activities in the face of the coronavirus pandemic. These distinctions vary worldwide based on local conditions. Most importantly, the present and the future have to be considered simultaneously, and that is a challenge.

As we confront the current and future needs in this context, we see that we need to maintain many ICSEE activities. For example, it is important to continue strengthening the livestock investments of the women who are striving for financial independence.

We want to maintain as much employment as possible. This includes supporting our staff as they prepare for programs that will be urgently needed in the near future. These must not be abandoned.

Read below for an overview of preparations, organizational work, plans, and practical work designed to meet the hardships of normal life ahead. While we are continuing to fix problems that may arise with existing stoves or solar systems, we're focusing on these larger-scale efforts that are safe to continue in the midst of pandemic concerns.

Thank you for making this work possible.