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Out and About -
On the Sidewalk, that is!
BKS August Summer Sale
   What a fabulous summer weather week we're having! It's absolutely perfect for the Brookside Summer Sale this Thursday through Saturday, August 20 - 22 from 10 am to 5 pm. (Click on the picture above for more info.)

   At World's Window -

Save 20% off
select early fall fashions and late summer clothing

Save 25 to 75% off
remaining spring and summer clearance items
including fashions, accessories 
and gift items
and select folk art & home decor pillows,
wall hangings & bed spreads
Brookside Summer Sale coloring 
BKS ColorPg 2020
page and contest! Click here to learn more and here to download your color page. You can also pick up a color page in our store - we have plenty! 
Bring your completed color page to World's Window and receive 25% off 1 full-priced item!  Just make sure to bring it in and redeem it before the end of our Summer Sale, August 20th through 22nd.

 Looking forward to seeing you!

(Remember your mask as they will still be required 
both outside and inside during this sale 
for everyone's safety.)
Out and About -
to Eureka Springs, Arkansas for
Bee Creek Jewelry by Debra Weiland
"Handcrafted Artisan jewelry 
to adorn the body and nourish the soul"
  "I have always been driven to create! I can remember from a very young age watching my father, an avid model railroader, using his miniature tools and being fascinated by the things he created. He was always my biggest fan and encouraged me to follow my dream." 
photo: NWA Democrat-Gazette

  "I am a self-taught artist [and] my passion with copper
BCR EarringsA
became an obsession early on. This beautiful metal is so versatile and fun to work with. Copper has been known for centuries to provide a beneficial effect on the body. It is often worn by people with arthritis and is also known for boosting the immune system."

   "I start with raw copper; hand cut into various shapes and sizes and/or spools of copper wire. I combine my designs with
BCR EarringsB
glass (most often Czech glass which is still beautifully produced in centuries old factories in the Czech Republic), as well as shell, ceramic and semi precious stone beads. All of my connections are 'cold' meaning I do not use solder. This is done most often using copper rivets. The completed pieces are then hand buffed and dipped into a solution called 'liver of sulfur' to give them an aged patina. They are then dried and buffed with steel wool and finally coated twice with a clear coat to give them a lasting finish." 
BCR EarringsC
  "My studio is in our home, near the banks of Bee Creek, located in the Ozark Mountains of northwest Arkansas. I spent 20 years taking care of animals as a veterinary assistant and vet tech until I retired in 2012. My husband and I have tended and nurtured our little abode for over 38 years along with 2 dogs, 1 cat and 1 'ornery' Mammoth Jack donkey. . .all rescues!"
   "I love what I do and take pride in meticulously creating each piece to be unique and wearable." 

   At World's Window we are delighted to carry Debra's wearable art jewelry. Besides earrings there are gorgeous necklaces, bracelets and glasses holders for you to explore.

Ready? Let's go shopping!
Bee Creek Jewelry
so much to see and explore!
BCR comp pic

Click here or on the picture above to see Debra Wieland's beautiful copper jewelry.

Out and About: Exploring Native Prairies

   Several weeks ago another great KCUR "Adventure" appeared by e-mail. This adventure takes us to several prairie sites, including the Tallgrass Prairie National Preserve, certainly a favorite of ours. 


   Walking out onto the vast prairie land, whether during the day or on an evening of a setting sun and a full moon rising, is just magical. Sometimes a far horizon helps to bring other parts of our world and lives more into focus.

   Check out the whole KCUR Adventure story here. Then go for a drive and enjoy being "out and about."


   Our store is open today and we'll be getting ready for the Brookside Summer Sale that starts on Thursday and continues through Saturday. (Hint - new sale markdowns are already happening and you might just get in on some early sales if you stop in on Wednesday!)
   For those of you who cannot or choose not to shop in our Brookside store right now, we thank you for your continued online shopping support. 
   And I can't say it enough times - YOU are an important part of what makes World's Window so special! THANK YOU!
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Personal Shopping Hours Still Available

   Would you like your own personal shopping time in our Brookside store? Della and Jan are still offering 1/2 hour private shopping times to be arranged when the store is closed. You get to shop in the quiet of an almost-empty store. You can browse, try on clothing and get helpful suggestions in the best of social/physical distancing.

   Yes, you are required to wear a face mask and we'll have ours on, but you'll be able to explore our store with the freedom of moving around at your leisure. We'll be available to assist or to let you wander and just be around to answer your questions.  Call Della at 816-361-2500 to schedule your own personal shopping time!

Street Mural Planned for Brookside


   The KCMO Council has endorsed a resolution supporting the creation of six Black Lives Matter street murals. Two of the designated locations are within the Southtown area - one at 63rd and Troost and one at 63rd and Brookside Blvd.

   To participate, more details on the fundraising efforts and volunteer guidelines for these murals can be found here. The design is slated for Saturday, September 5th.

See what's happening on our social sites: