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The Office of the Secretary of State routinely updates a blog entitled "From Our Corner,"  in order to provide from-the-source information about important state news and public services.  Often, stories of note from the Archives are included on this page.

1st Ever Historical Zine Contest Make Washington History Come Alive!

The Washington State Library with some help from the Timberland Regional Library, and the Washington State Archives, is sponsoring this first-of-its kind historical zine contest. 

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"Success is a lousy teacher. It seduces smart people into thinking they can't lose."

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"Don't compare yourself with anyone in this world... if you do so, you are insulting yourself." 
Legacy WA proudly presents its Washington Remembers WWII Project
This three-part project includes online stories with individual veterans; Faces of Heroes page, where the public can share a photo of their WWII veteran; and an upcoming exhibit in August.

"Personal accounts from the deadliest conflict in world history teach us about sacrifice, freedom and who we are today.  With the deepest gratitude, I thank the men and women who fought for our country in World War II.  I invite you to hear their powerful stories as we mark the 70th anniversary of the conflict's end."

Banner Image: Baker Lake and Mount Baker, 1945-1955, Joseph Scaylea, Photographer, General Subjects Photograph Collection, 1845-2005,
Washington State Archives.  

June 2015
Recognizing Washington State History Day winners
Contributed by Steve Excell, Washington State Archivist

  One of the best parts of this job is getting to watch the next generation discover all the fascinating stories our state has to share.  O n May 27, Secretary of State Kim Wyman and I hosted the History Day winners of the State Archives Awards at the Olympia Branch.  Four awards are given at each statewide History Day competition.  Those students who used the Archives to conduct original research are eligible to apply for the award. We are always blown away by the amazing job these students do with the information and the new angles they present!  This year was no exception.  Three awards were given to documentaries, and one to an exhibit.

Take a look at the attached program for information about these remarkable projects.

Photo Challenge   
Presented by Mary Hammer, Digital Projects Archivist 

A wrecking ball! Balloons! Crowds of people gathered to watch things being smashed! This image shows an event in Olympia that took place on July 29, 1971. One of these buildings still remains, and the other two have been demolished. Do you know what's there now? Did you watch this building come down? If so-- tell us about it.  And watch for the answer and the poll results in next month's newsletter! 

C ontributed by Lee Pier ce, Eastern Regional Branch

June is a common time for weddings, and with that in mind we thought we'd highlight a few unique certificates found among the collection at the Eastern Regional Branch.  Click here to read more, including the nuptials of King Corn and Queen Alfalfa in 1913.

Red Kelly and the OWL Party update 
Contributed by Amber Raney      
Since running the story on the OWL Party in last month's edition, we've discovered that one member of the original party is still with us, as well as bar manager Darrell Griswold.  Watch for additional info in the months to come!  
Corporations -- Stock Certificates

Contributed by Tracy Rebstock, Southwest Regional Archivist

Have you found one of these while sifting through old family papers? Do you wonder if it might be valuable? At the Washington State Archives, we have Corporations History Cards which show in a snapshot what happened to a company. Take a look at this history of the Hatcher Gold Mining Company. Incorporated in 1915, the articles of incorporation filed with the Secretary of State's office provide a glimpse of the stockholders and their original intentions. In this case, they paid their licenses in 1917 and 1918 but not after that. The company was stricken from the record in July 1924. Typically this happens because  paperwork wasn't current. According to Chapter 144 of the 1923 Session Laws, section 3843, corporations may be stricken from the record for not paying their license fees for two years.

Do you have a stock certificate you are curious about? Contact us.   We can tell you if you've struck gold...or just historical gold.
Get to Know Archives Staff! 
People come to the Archives in many ways. This month's Employee Spotlight -
Emily Venemon

Emily Venemon works for the Washington State Archives, Olympia Branch, in Research Services.  Incredibly new to the Archives, we had fellow newbie Rosie Bigelow send her a series of questions.  This is a great way for us to get to know the new folks, learn about what intrigues them about this profession, and introduce them to you.  Read here to find out what made Emily panic when she first started working for the Archives.
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