Servant of the Church
Our Mission Statement and Foundational Principles stress that our faith-based affordable housing ministry is not a church but a servant of the Church. One of the most important aspects of our ministry is to provide a vehicle for putting faith into action — something that is more important than ever for churches facing declining attendance and increasing secularism in America.

Time and time again, we have seen congregations invigorated and enthused by partnering in Fuller Center projects — such as sponsoring a house build in their community, funding homes in the Third World or by sending volunteers on Global Builders and U.S. Builders trips. It is particularly important for young people to participate in hands-on Christian experiences that keep them excited about the Church.

The Bible tells us that we are to go out and share the Gospel. Unfortunately, folks don't always listen when we speak the Truth. But when we put faith into action as we do when practicing the Theology of the Hammer — partnering with families to build and repair homes — we send a message. Every home that we build is a sermon about the Gospel, and every home that we build is a sermon of God's love.

We invite you to learn the many ways The Fuller Center can serve churches — including our all-new (and free) Vacation Bible School curriculum, The Worldwide Mansion (see video at the bottom of this email). At, you'll also see nine ways your church can get involved with our ministry, as well as numerous success stories involving churches who have partnered with The Fuller Center.

We look forward to preaching the Gospel through the Theology of the Hammer with your church!

Legacy Build volunteers needed

The pandemic prevented any of our partners from planning a full-scale Legacy Build in a single location. However, it presented an opportunity for multiple partners to get involved with smaller builds — and some are accepting out-of-town volunteers. One is in Carroll County, Va., which is building a new home May 2-8. More volunteers are needed. Special hotel room rates are available for reservations made by April 18, so register today!
One area, two powerful stories

Paul Truitt of West Point, Ga., suffers from terminal cancer, but his dying wish to repair his home is being realized. He is relieved to know that his wife will be able to have a safe place to live after he is gone. STORY HERE

Down the road in Beauregard, Ala., Carol Dean received the keys to her new house two years after a tornado destroyed her home and killed her husband. STORY HERE
Volunteer opportunities abound

The pandemic may not be completely over, but there is a light at the end of the tunnel, especially with so many vaccines now being made available. With new hope comes new opportunities to help with our Global Builders, U.S. Builders, Disaster ReBuilders and more. In fact, we have 21 Global Builders trips to 11 different locations lined up already — and nine of them still have openings for you to join!
Bicycle Adventure is the best way to experience America's beauty

Our summer Bicycle Adventure rides are returning this year, and we still have spots for you and/or friends on our summer cross-country and West Coast rides. The cross-country ride begins May 28 in Amelia Island, Fla., and finishes 10 weeks later in Florence, Ore. The West Coast ride starts July 9 in Seattle and ends four weeks later in San Diego, Calif. Can't go the whole way? Consider doing a weeklong segment.
Get Fuller Center-branded items and apparel from CafePress

There's a plethora of items at our new store on CafePress emblazoned with images not just from The Fuller Center but also from our Bicycle Adventure and Global Builders. We've got shirts, bags, cups, caps, notebooks and even masks available — and more items will be coming soon. A small portion of each sale goes to support our affordable housing ministry.
VIDEO: Free Vacation Bible School curriculum
The Worldwide Mansion