OutLook OnLine Newsletter: October 2018

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Upcoming New Version of SHAREit Software Version 6

The   OLOL Administrative Support Centre, in coordination with Libraries, Auto-Graphics & SFU Hosting Services, will be upgrading to the new version of the SHAREit software in Spring 2019.

Performance & Scalability: The current V5 software is almost 20 years old and it's not easy to make changes or improvements due to it's out-dated code & inter-connected architecture. The new V6 software should improve performance with a modular lighter design that allows for easier addition of new features & quicker bug fixes.
Security: Data will be secured, encrypted and protected at the physical, application and web level for every ILL transaction. Your ILLs will be protected at rest and in transit over the internet by both the software and our already secure Canadian servers.

So which new features are available in Version 6?
Most of the improvements have been made in either the Patron or Search interface usability or in the behind-the-scenes code - your Staff Dashboard workflow should remain very familiar with minimal changes.
  • No more cookies: New token technology allows you to open multiple searches & site logins in the same browser window without annoyingly over-writing your other open sessions.
  • Custom search engine RESEARCHit: Faster and more precise search results with improved navigation as well as customisable indexes and filtering facets.
  • Fuzzy search: The new fuzzy searching finally allows for OR suggestions if the AND search fails. Multiple filters can also be chosen to OR results together and display more than one format in the same search results.
  • No more flashing: Faster initial searching and local cover art means no more "flashing" records or waiting for slow Z39.50 targets before you can browse the results. Slower Z39.50 resources will continue to search in the background, with an option to update your results if more records are found.
  • Clustered or Merged results: A-G has added a new clustering or merging of records display, that groups items together to allow patrons or staff to choose the best request record.
  • Mobile updates: Staff Functions on Full Details and some Staff pop-out menus are moved to the left to display better on mobile.
  • Drag & Drop forms: New Admin interface for customising your Patron & Staff request forms with an easy drag & drop interface that allows you to quickly edit text, display requirements, fields and location.
During migration, OutLook OnLine will be unavailable for approximately 3 days of downtime for the whole system. Please check the OLOL Administrative Centre and the listservs for additional upcoming announcements about the launch of Version 6 of the software!

Details of the timeline will be shared as soon as they're available.

'Did You Know'
Tips, FAQs and guides

Did you know the OutLook OnLine Admin Support Centre provides a wide variety of training options to maximize your SHAREit software?
A wide variety of other tips, FAQs and guides are available from the OLOL support website, and also available from the OLOL Support link directly within OutLook OnLine.

Have a tip, FAQ or guide suggestion for us? Contact Us with your suggestions.

Voilà and OutLook OnLine

OutLook OnLine has a long history with the National Catalogue at Library & Archives Canada . OLOL member participation was originally jump-started in 1999-2000 with a bulk load of the ELN Serials Cat union database (UDB) by BC ELN !

In 2006, BC ELN first recommended removing the now out-dated bulk records, as most libraries interested in participating were now reporting directly to AMICUS. In 2011, additional bulk uploads from BC ELN were explored, but due to permissions and technical complications individual participation was encouraged instead.  

At the end of 2012, LAC announced the termination of ILL services via direct requesting in OutLook OnLine. But resource sharing continued to be supported through the availability of a searchable AMICUS Z39.50 target that many libraries continue to use today.

So what changes for you in SHAREit with the swap to Voilà?

With the addition of a new  Voilà Z39.50 resource in 2018, your workflow within OutLook OnLine should remain the same!

We recommend you swap to the new   Voila Z39.50 Registered (Search only) or Voila Canada's Catalogue website link and retire the soon to be discontinued AMICUS - Registered (Search Only) resource. Check-out our FAQ and video tutorial for more information.

Use your existing OCLC account or contact OCLC to request a free username/password to access the Voila Z39.50 target for ILL purposes!

So what changes for your direct participation in Voilà holdings?

According to LAC, your library will require either a subscription to OCLC Cataloguing services or their Data Sync Collections service (with WorldCat) for batch loading of MARC records to make your holdings viewable within Voilà. For more information please contact OCLC <canada@oclc.org>.

What about direct ILL with Voilà?

Unfortunately LAC states that Voilà does not include an ILL function and is currently only provided via other OCLC services (eg. WorldShare ILL). LAC will also deactivate the AMICUS ILL request form in autumn 2018.

LAC also states that small academic and public libraries that make use of OutLook OnLine, which receives funding from the province, do not qualify for LAC-funded subscriptions for ILL or copy cataloging subscriptions.

Have more questions for LAC? Check-out their Questions & Answers for Canadian Libraries page!

Library 'Spotlight'
University of Victoria Library

Expiry Dates on requests can be a mystery to many patrons and ILL Staff! Over the summer we received multiple questions about how the Need by (aka Expiry) Dates work in the OutLook OnLine (SHAREit) software and we've created a FAQ and video guide to help answer these questions.

Did you know?

Need by (Expiry) Dates are assigned automatically to a request when it's created by staff or patrons based on the Default Need-by Date set in your ILL Admin > Maintain Participant Record (usually 90 days). ILL Staff can update this date before the request has been filled but usually staff just leave the arbitrary default.

You can also allow your patrons to initially set the Need by (Expiry) Date (by default they can't) and even set-up a minimum default that only applies to patrons! Check-out our   FAQ or contact us for assistance.

So what should I do as a Borrower if my request expires before filled?

If desired, your request can be updated with a new Need by (Expiry Date) and the status changed to "Approved - Send" to re-send to Lenders (such as the last lender library assigned).

So what should I do as a Lender if a request expires while I'm trying ship?

Some libraries pick a specific Need by Date while many others just use the system default and are happy to manually extend. We recommend you check our   FAQ to see if a library has indicated their preferences or double-check directly with the borrower library.

One of our ISO Relais Partner Lbraries reached out to the OLOL Admin Support Centre to share their preferences on expired requests:

The University of Victoria Library would be hap py to have you fill their borrower request even if it's expired.. unless you hear otherwise from them!  
UVic ILL Staff say "...often patrons do still need items after they are expired. Basically ignore the "expired" and "need by date" status. If still possible, the lender should fill (Ship) the request regardless of the expired status/date unless they hear otherwise from UVic ILL Staff ".
If you have a preference or would like to send us feedback, please let us know and we'll update our FAQ with your information for other libraries to consult!
OLOL Administrative Support Centre