2019/20 Outage Season Support

As the outage and project season kicks off AIS wants to remind customers how we can help make your next outage painless and make the downtime worth the cost. Taking advantage of planned downtime to perform preventive lubricant inspections and services goes a long way towards reducing unplanned downtime. As we all know, unplanned downtime creates more headaches and is substantially more costly.

We have compiled a quick guide below on how you can reduce your Total Cost of Ownership, reduce Unplanned Downtime and increase System Reliability.
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Outages are the most advantageous time to perform a fluid change out, we can provide you with a turnkey service to perform a High Velocity Flush , Chemical Flush , and Confined Space Cleaning of your reservoir. This will ensure that your new fluid will last as long as possible.
Types of Projects
  • Major Outages / Projects
  • Minor Outages / Projects
  • Emergency / Unplanned Downtime
  • Bearing Inspections
  • Lube Oil Piping Changes
Turnkey Services
  • Confined Space Tank Cleaning & Inspection
  • High Velocity Flushing
  • Chemical Flushing
  • Rental Oil Purification Equipment
  • New Lubricant Change Over Service
Oil Purification & Filtration Services
High Velocity Flushing Services
Rental Vacuum Dehydrators & Filtration Equipment
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