Dear Cheryl Rosebush,

Greetings from the Global Dialogue team!

We're writing to share several updates since we came together for the Global Dialogue in San José:

  • Outcomes Statement (English, French, Spanish). Summary of the key themes and strategic pathways identified during the Global Dialogue.

  • Blog. Indigenous Peoples and local communities hold the key to successful high integrity carbon markets, co-authored by Pablo Mís, chairperson of the Global Dialogue Steering Group, Jennifer Sara, Director of the World Bank's Climate Change Global Practice, and Asyl Undeland, EnABLE Fund Manager.

  • COP28 event. Steering group members Pablo Mís and Anne Samate represented Indigenous Peoples at a high-profile event, Trustworthy and Transparent Voluntary Carbon Markets: A Game Changer for Developing Countries, at the World Bank Group Pavilion.

Kind regards,

EnABLE Secretariat

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