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The COVID-19 pandemic has prompted significant policy changes at all levels. We're here to catch you up and support business in Lincoln Square and Ravenswood.  Please see our COVID-19 Business Resources  website for a comprehensive list of resources to aid your business during this time.
Phase 3 Underway, Expanded Outdoor Dining Permit Revealed

After a tumultuous weekend of protests, Chicago proceeded to phase 3 on Wednesday and eased restrictions on a variety of businesses. We hope that you, your families, and your businesses are - and continue to be - safe.

If your business would like the chamber to publicize any expanded offerings in phase 3, please reach out with details and/or pictures.  

Expanded Outdoor Dining Opportunities

One of the new developments for restaurants is an  Expanded Outdoor Dining Permit application to allow for outdoor dining in the street and other public areas. Our chamber is very interested in taking advantage of these permits in a way that takes a variety of businesses and business needs into account. We anticipate applying for one or more permits after conducting some further business outreach and planning. 

Alderman Martin has received resident feedback in support of a block or two of dining along Lincoln Avenue, at some point between Lawrence and Wilson. If businesses located along Lincoln agree, this will likely be the location of the chamber's first application.

These Expanded Outdoor Dining Permits are available to chambers, SSA's, business associations, or a group of 3 restaurants on 1 block. Although applications are being accepted, no Expanded Outdoor Dining Permits will be approved by the city until the pilot areas have been tested and approved. 

If a restaurant has a private parking lot or other outdoor private property that does not currently allow dining, that restaurant can apply and get an Expanded Outdoor Dining Permit to seat patrons in this space. 

Sidewalk Cafe vs Patio Permits

Although we have to wait for Expanded Outdoor Dining Permits, sidewalk cafes and patios are able to be used now. 

A Sidewalk Cafe Permit is needed to place tables and serve patrons on the sidewalk or in the parkway (the area between the sidewalk and the street). 

You can find the Sidewalk Cafe Permit application here, and check to see if you have an active permit here.

A Patio License is a type of liquor license needed for businesses to serve alcohol outdoors on private property. This is distinct from the sidewalk cafe permit mainly in the distinction between private and public property. You can find more information about liquor licensing here. To our knowledge, a special permit or license is not required for a restaurant to serve food (not alcohol) outdoors on their private property.

New Liquor Rules Coming

The state passed a law to allow existing liquor license holders to sell mixed drinks for pickup and delivery. T he City of Chicago does not yet allow cocktails to go but will debate a local version of this law tomorrow in a committee hearing. We'll be reporting on the result ahead of an anticipated passage of a local cocktail to go ordinance at City Council on June 17th.

The Chicago Department of Public Health also allowed restaurants to serve liquor until 11pm when the city curfew is lifted. What this means is:
  • Currently, curfew is in effect at 9pm
  • After curfew is lifted:
    • Restaurants allowed open in phase 3 can serve alcohol to dine-in patrons until 11pm
    • Restaurants must stop selling alcohol for pickup or delivery at 9pm
    • Liquor stores still have to stop selling alcohol at 9pm
    • All liquor license holders must post signage at the entrance and bar (or register) informing customers of the liquor sale hours applicable at that business 
We're available and invested in your success. For further questions or individualized assistance, please email Jerry Mandujano, Neighborhood Services Director, at  jerry@lincolnsquare.org
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