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My Favorite Garden Series
 The Montreal Botanical Garden
Bruce Allentuck, of   Allentuck Landscaping Company, shares his favorite garden: the Montreal Botanical Garden in Montreal, Québec, Canada. 

"Montreal is a city that I had visited and enjoyed with my family when I was younger. When I had the opportunity to go there again recently, I jumped at the chance. One of the places I knew I had to see was the world-renowned Montreal Botanical Garden. It did not disappoint. The garden holds 22,000 species of plants in 22 themed gardens spread out over 185 well planned acres. Among my favorite areas were the perennial garden and the Gardens of Innovation. The Gardens of Innovation showcased new introductions that were still being field tested. Some of them, especially the dahlias, were spectacular and will hopefully be in full production someday soon. We could have easily have spent two or three days to fully take in everything it had to offer."
Check out Bruce's new venture at www.rightplantz.com

If you have a favorite garden let us know!

Pura Vida
Kenny Segura
This year, Kenny Segura celebrates 20 years at Outdoor Illumination. He is a Master Technician, arguably the most mechanically skilled person we have ever known. His van is loaded with precision tools, many that have lasted for up to 15 years. Kenny has given them names like Jerome, Popeye and Olive Oil. Kenny enjoys trips to the family farm in Costa Rica, and owns a lovely home in Germantown.
The Segura farm at Finca Montana, in Coope Isabel, San Carlos, CR.
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Art in the Garden
This time of year, most plants are dormant. Garden art can bring joy and whimsey every day of the year. Dave Dunn is a welder with artistic chops and is a long time friend of the firm. Many of Dave's sculptures largely are made up of repurposed mechanical parts like bicycles parts. 

Check out Dunn in Metal at Dunninmetal.com
Electric Desert
A Light and sound experience by Klip Collective

We invite you to see desert, light and sound unite in a mesmerizing display like never before. Cactus and desert become a living canvas in this nighttime experience, taking visitors on an immersive journey through the Garden using light and original music. This is Klip Collective's second garden installation; the first was at Longwood Gardens in Pennsylvania. Electric Desert includes seven site-specific locations, with each experience inspired by and related to the Garden.

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