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Outdoor Lighting Made in the USA

When it comes to lighting the outdoors of your home/building, you have a lot of choices! Below are some great shots of lighting by manufacturers in the USA.

Your Front Door

The Number One most common mistake homeowners make is undersizing their outdoor, and especially front door fixtures. When you get it right, your entry will look stunning.
Parisi Lanterns by Troy
Brass Lanterns by Fourteenth Colony
Tress Sconces by Hubbardton Forge
Dark Sky Friendly
Hubbardton Forge
Made in Castleton, VT
Award Winning Design, Handcrafted Quality,Great People!

Hubbardton Forge employs approximately 230 people in Vermont and is one of the country’s oldest and largest continuously operating commercial forges today.
Watch the Video to learn more.
Henry Outdoor Wall fixtures
Dark Sky Friendly or with Glass
Meridian Pendants by Hubbardton Forge

COASTAL FINISHES by Hubbardton Forge

Outdoor lighting fixtures in coastal environments have the greatest risk of corrosion, but even inland lighting has to combat rust due to high-humidity conditions. Wherever your outdoor lighting placement may be, Hubbardton Forge has you covered. Made for the outdoors, but elegant enough for indoor use as well.
  • Formulated to resist harsh environmental conditions
  • Extensively tested in our salt spray chamber where it’s subjected to:
  • Salinity nearly 50% greater than average seawater
  • 100% humidity
  • Your choice of 7 Coastal Outdoor Finishes
  • Significantly improved durability
  • All outdoor fixtures exclusively feature our Coastal Outdoor Finishes
Banded Sconces by Hubbardton Forge
Banded Wall Sconce
Pictured above and close up on the left. This sconce is a hard working stunner!

Erlenmeyer Sconce
Collage Outdoor Sconce
Who is Fourteenth Colony Lighting
Memphis, TNM
Fourteenth Colony Lighting offers traditionally handcrafted lanterns and chandeliers in a variety of historic and contemporary styles. Their light fixtures are entirely hand made by the tinsmiths and blacksmiths who train and work in their shop. No structural component in or on any of their lights is imported. They are one of the last lighting manufacturers to actually employ traditional metal-smithing techniques in the fabrication process from start to finish. This commitment to craft results in copper, brass, and forged steel lighting fixtures that are of the best possible structural and aesthetic integrity and the finest to be found in the lighting industry today. Many styles are available as Natural Gas Lighting fixtures and add incredible elegance and style to your home.
Go With Natural Gas Lanterns!
These Natural Gas Lanterns add so much character to your home. Whether on the porch, patio, front door, garage,or as a pier light on the entryway. Make a statement!
You want your front door lighting to be appropriately sized. Talk with us and we will help you get it right.
Fourteenth Colony Gas Lantern
Perfectly aged Patina
Fourteenth Colony Gas Pier Mount
Northeast Lantern
Made in Exeter, NH

Northeast Lantern exists to provide high quality solid brass and copper lighting fixtures through their highly skilled and dedicated employees, excellent customer service and proficient manufacturing process. Their lifetime guarantee and unique ability to customize any of their fixtures ensure confidence and satisfaction among customers. Northeast Lantern continually innovates and improves their American made lighting fixtures to maintain a competitive edge in the industry and keep up with market demands.

Regardless of the climate you live in, you want your outdoor living spaces to be welcoming.
Uxbridge Lantern
Stanfield Lanterns