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AirTime July 2020
Back On Schedule

As if there was any doubt, our volunteers have again proven that they're the foundation of everything that happens at the station. In the face of tremendous challenges, the DJs continue to create fresh, relevant content. When the Schoolhouse closed, some regulars did multiple shows and some folks who had not previously been prominent became mainstays. Some DJs were able to create shows from home right away while others worked hard to gain the skills and equipment necessary to do so. As the DJs get back into the studio, we're doing our best to get everyone back to their regularly scheduled spots. Through it all, our commitment to representing and serving our community remains rock solid. You can always check the schedule on the website to see who's coming and going. In the interest of health and safety, we're still not able to welcome guests or new trainees into the office, but we look forward to the day we can have a big party to celebrate everything we've been through, including the installation of our new broadcast equipment and the dedication of the Susan Lindquist studio.
T-Bird's Last Ride  
We were saddened to receive the news of the passing of DJ T Gandolfo this week. T-Bird was a huge part of the history of WOMR, having served on the Board of Directors and the Program Committee in addition to serving up the blues. He was involved in organizing countless concerts and festivals for the station over the years, including the legendary Music, Food & Wine Fest. No one got more joy out of discovering new music and sharing it with our listeners. T's dedication led to relationships with artists and record labels that resulted in hundreds, if not thousands, of recordings being added to our collection. T-Bird will also be remembered for his leather goods store and his hammock shop on Commercial Street. His buddies at the Beachcomber social club will be sure to raise a toast in his honor. For us at the station, T-Bird was a link to our past in addition to being an anchor on our current broadcast schedule. He was in position to get back on the air working from home, but it wasn't to be. RIP T Gandolfo.   
Char Time

Char Priolo
Through the magic of technology and the hard work of the staff and volunteers, we were able to stay on the air as we evacuated the studio. By the beginning of July, we started to welcome volunteers back into the studio. One of those who will not be resuming her show is Char Priolo. Char is a former member of the Board of Directors and has been a presence on our airwaves for many years. Provincetown people know Char from her work with community groups including the Chamber of Commerce and the UU Meeting House. Still others will remember Char as part of the Fabulous Dyketones rock 'n' roll revue. Although she probably still doesn't think of herself as a senior citizen, Char was selected as Provincetown's Senior of the Year more than 10 years ago. We'll miss her slide whistle and her good cheer on the radio, but she'll still be a big part of our community.
Program Notes

It's literally impossible to shout out all the people who kept the radio going since things went sideways in March. They are the heroes who kept us company as we sheltered in place. Some of them will stay on in regular or interim spots on the schedule. Mark O'Leary kept The Fiddle and The Harp going on Monday evenings. You'll still hear him on occasional Monday nights as he picks up alternate Tuesday afternoons from 1-4pm with his Irish music show, Lisdoonvarna. Robert Johnson continues as the regular on Tuesday nights from 9pm. Ken Field joins the rotation on Wednesday nights at midnight with his show of progressive instrumental music. JP has done a great job bringing the heavy music on Thursday nights at 9 until Special K can get back in the studio. Mike Fee will start this week as the interim host on Sundays from 4-6pm spinning blues, jazz, soul and funk. Dave Mott will continue to fill in occasional Sunday nights with his smooth jazz show, Sweet & Saxy. Rich Willecke and Helene Watt have returned with Wednesday afternoon jazz as Ann McDermott and Gary Williams step back. Peggy Sue will be filling in on the Saturday morning oldies show until Tina Lynde can return. Madhavi Venkatesan started a talk show on Sustainable Practices which airs 1st Fridays at 9am. Meghan Kemp has a new show featuring children's Story Time airing 2nd and 4th Mondays at 12:30. We always have a mix of fresh new voices and familiar favorites, all of whom bring an unparalleled passion for what they do.
To The Tower!

We've made significant progress recently in our effort to get 91.3FM back on the air. The project to move the transmitter from one tower to another in Orleans has taken longer than we hoped, but things should return to full strength in the first week of August. We're doing everything in our power to get landlords, utilities and contractors all pulling in the same direction at the same time to get the thing hoisted. We appreciate your patience as we work to make the world safe for radio.

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