It's always exciting in July when the 
Major Cigar Manufacturers release NEW CIGARS! 
Here's a sampling of the new cigars that will 
be coming to The Outlaw soon!

TaviCusa by Rocky Patel
10 years ago Rocky opened a factory in Esteli, Nicaragua named TaviCusa. This cigar is named after the factory to celebrate the 10 year anniversary.
This is a medium to full bodied cigar with a San Andres Maduro wrapper. It will be available in a  Robusto, Toro and 6x60.

ALR by Rocky Patel
The ALR in this cigars' name stands for "Aged, Limited and Rare". This cigar was blended 3 years ago with a smooth Habano-seed wrapper. It was a short run production of 100,000 cigars that have been aging for the last 3 years.
Comes in Robusto, Toro and 6x60.

Liberation by Hamlet Paredes/Rocky Patel
Hamlet Paredes has released his 3rd cigar brand in a uniquely tapered figurado head with an unfinished shaggy foot. The Habano wrapper lends medium to full bodied strength.
Available in one size - Toro.

Sin Compromiso by Steve Saka of Dunbarton Tobacco & Trust
"Sin Compromiso is the result of over three years' of experimental black tobacco harvests in Mexico, Ecuador and Nicaragua and the culmination of my experiences as a cigar blender," said Steve Saka, Dunbarton Tobacco & Trust's founder, in a press release. "The marquee's name translates to 'no compromise' and that is the exact approach I took when creating this cigar. This blend is a direct reflection of all the skills I have learned and developed over the last twenty plus years and I am genuinely excited to share it with my fellow cigar smokers."
It is a limited Edition cigar packaged in  boxes of 13 available at the Outlaw in  #5 Parejo 6x54 and #7Parejo 7x56.

Bellas Artes Brazil Maduro by AJ Fernandez 
Underneath the dark Mata Fina wrapper is a Mexican San Andres binder and Nicaraguan filler grown on Fernandez's farms. A perfect compliment to the original Bellas Artes.
This cigar will be available at The Outlaw in 4 sizes: Short Churchill 6x48, 
Robusto 5.5x52, Toro 6x54 and Gordo 6.5x58.

New To The Outlaw Humidor!
Ramon Allones
by AJ Fernandez
Ramon Allones is an old Cuban brand that's still produced today and has a reputation for being one of the earthier, more full-bodied smokes in the Habanos portfolio. Now, it's in A.J.'s hands. And this wouldn't be the first time that Fernandez created his own interpretation of a classic Cuban brand using non-Cuban tobaccos.

The blend is powered by a strong, dark medio tiempo wrapper that he grows in Nicaragua on his own farm from a hybrid tobacco. A.J. defines medio tiempo as a special sprouting of two leaves that sometimes grow on the very top of the tobacco plant, even higher than corona leaves. And no, not every plant produces medio tiempo, so the rarity of the leaf means a very limited production of Ramon Allones. The secret is knowing the exact time to harvest the medio tiempo so that it's at peak aroma, peak flavor, and also of wrapper quality.
Wrapper: Nicaraguan Medio-Tiempo Habano Oscuro 
Binder: Nicaraguan Corojo '99
Filler: Nicaraguan Criollo '98 and Corojo '99
La Flor Dominicana Party is in 3 weeks! 
Come meet Tony Gomez of LFD!
It's going to be another BIG event including the
bad-ass Rat Rods in the Thrashers Car Show and
the CASI Chili Cookoff !
This years chili cookoff will also have categories for
Wings, Salsa and Homestyle Chili.
Practice your yoga and find your zen so that you have a steady hand and an even breath for the Digger Long Ash Contest.
Restless Spirits will be tasting some of their great beverages and Cigars For Warriors will be collecting cigars for our troops!
Poker, beverages, food and more round out the days events!
Outlaw's  June Poker Winners!
Donny Cosse (S)   Mike Burns(N) 
Come join us at either location every Tuesday starting at 6:30 at Outlaw South and 7pm at Outlaw North. 
There are always great prizes, so get your shades on, your poker face ready and your favorite poker playing cigars in your pocket 
and let's have some fun!