Meet Fred Rewey! 
Before launching his own company in 2012, Fred Rewey was "just a guy who enjoyed smoking cigars". About six years ago he started to study the history of cigars, its culture and how they are made.  But it wasn't until 2011 when a 'close friend' of his in the cigar industry asked him why he hadn't started his own cigar company. "I gave it some thought and decided, 'why not"!  Nomad Cigar was born and features the highly acclaimed Connecticut Fuerte and S-307.

Fred is an accomplished public speaker and is obsessive about social media! He keeps Nomad Cigar smokers up to date through Twitter, Facebook and through his e-letter which includes the NRC (Nomad Ruling Class). The NRC is more on the line of 'brainless ramblings' than a pitch on what cigar to smoke, but it's a fan favorite.

Get out to the Outlaw party, meet Fred and enjoy some Nomad cigars and deals!
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