Outliers: Students in ACTION Newsletter
December/January 2019
Outliers: Students in ACTION is a monthly publication during the academic year highlighting students and events in the Science and Math Education in ACTION Choose Ohio First grant program at BGSU.
Table of Contents
Reflections from the ACTION Director
Holiday Celebrations
Incoming Scholars
First-Year Research
December Graduate
10 th Anniversary Section - That was Then/This is Now, Grad Spotlights
December/January Birthdays
Reflections from the ACTION Director
by Dr. Daniel Brahier

Once again this year, we are publishing a single issue of the newsletter for the months of December and January. As we experience the joy and rest of the holidays, I am reminded that we are now halfway through the celebration of the 10 th Anniversary of ACTION. I hope you are enjoying our features this year, including Alumni Monday tweets on the current status of our graduates in the field, reflections back on the history of the program in the newsletter, and special events we have held for students and alumni, including the Homecoming reunion luncheon this fall. 
As part of our celebration, we conducted an extensive survey of students, alumni, parents, BGSU faculty, and even employers of ACTION scholars. When parents of our scholars were asked to rate the quality of ACTION, 98% gave us a 5-star “excellent” rating, and when asked if they would encourage sons and daughters of their friends to apply for ACTION, 100% of our parents replied with a resounding “Yes!” Likewise, 100% of BGSU faculty who teach ACTION scholars rated the program as “excellent,” and 88% of surveyed principals responded that they could see a difference in preparation of their teachers who are graduates of the ACTION program. The surveys are very revealing and tell the story of a highly successful program that will soon welcome a new group of freshmen into Cohort 11 this coming summer.
ACTION has a long-standing commitment to developing support networks and a family atmosphere among its scholars. Again, if we look back in history, just six years ago, none of the following existed in the program: Common Time, Fall and Spring Seminars; Peer Mentoring; Social, Service, and Electronic Communications Committees; Dining With The Director; Freshman Class Meetings; Sophomore One-on-Ones; Capstone Colloquium; Welcome Back Dinners (September and January); Parent Advisory Committee; Spring Dinner; and this Outliers: Students in ACTION newsletter, just to name a few. It is through the efforts of our Student Advisory Board and the work of ACTION staff, scholars, and other volunteers that we continue to evolve to meet the needs of our scholars.
Please help us to continue to spread the good news of ACTION and to encourage incoming freshmen to apply at our website ( bgsu.edu/action ) through the deadline of January 15. Meanwhile, I want to take this opportunity to thank you for your continued support and wish you all the best in 2019!
Holiday Celebrations
At the conclusion of fall semester, ACTION hosted a holiday party to provide an opportunity to connect one more time as an ACTION “family” prior to the BGSU Winter Break. With nearly 80 scholars joining us for good food, much laughter, and lots of photos, the event seemed to be enjoyed by all. The ACTION Social Committee starting planning for the party months ago and their efforts resulted in students participating in various activities such as a relay race, Family Feud, speed wrapping, song lyric challenge, and Scattergories.
Incoming Scholars
With the ACTION application deadline rapidly approaching (January 15), the ACTION staff has been working hard to efficiently process applications. After the deadline has passed, top candidates will be notified to conduct an online interview with Dr. Brahier before final decisions are made.
First Year Research

 Earlier in the academic year, three of the six first-year research groups were highlighted. The remaining three research groups now give updates on what they have been investigating:
Alongside Dr. Eileen Underwood , ACTION students are using photography and measurement tools to capture growth in corn snakes. This data will be used to determine if there is a difference between the growth in corn snakes based on the odd and normal gene.
Scholars working with  Dr. Daria Filippova  are exploring the mathematics involved with different voting methods decisions for a variety of situations and also considering group decision making—including scenarios such as how to choose a recipient for an award, where a group should go to dinner, and more.
With antibiotic resistance becoming an ever-greater health concern,  Dr. Ray Larsen’s  research group is isolating penicillin-resistant bacteria from soil environments, characterizing their resistance or sensitivity against a broad panel of penicillin like drugs, and isolating the resistance genes to help predict what sorts of modifications might be most useful in designing more effective antibiotics.
December Graduate
Congratulations to Cohort 7 ACTION scholar, Bryant Kuhlman, who graduated in December. Bryant earned his undergraduate degree in AYA Integrated Mathematics in three and a half years and has been applying for subbing positions near his hometown in the Cincinnati area where he hopes to teach full-time next year.
In honor of ACTION's 10 th Anniversary, our newsletters contain a special Anniversary section each month with highlights from the past, top ten lists, spotlights on graduates, and more.
That was THEN, this is NOW...

Then: With the group being small the first few years, we gathered to celebrate the holidays in the ACTION lounge in the Math Sciences Building. Students decorated cupcakes and played skit in a box. The ACTION Student Advisory Board helped to plan events.
Now: We have a much larger ACTION “family” and the majority of our 100+ scholars attend the party. Therefore, we gather off campus and a student-run Social Committee plans a variety of activities with additional scholars assisting with decorating, food prep and clean up. Donations are collected to help those in need.
Spotlight on ACTION Graduates
Allison (Bailey) Williams
Cohort 1
Middle Childhood Education
Gateway Middle School teaching 8th grade science

In addition to meeting my two best friends in ACTION, the program also provided extra exposure to the education world that went beyond what typical education students experience. Being an ACTION scholar also gave me personal connections and resources through the ACTION staff and their connections in the area.
Maria Nielsen
Cohort 4
AYA Mathematics
Findlay High School teaching Algebra

I learned how to do action research in my classroom and this year I am doing my own action research in my second year of teaching to evaluate some new styles and tasks I am implementing. Being a part of ACTION allowed me to make friends with a lot of other math teachers. Now that we are graduated I touch base with them very regularly to get ideas for my classroom! We have created a great community.
December and January ACTION Birthdays
12/2 - Haley Mitchell
12/3 - Kyleigh Finn
12/5 - Megan Krotzer
12/10 - Emma Constance
12/12 - Shawna Russell
12/31 - Kaitlyn Clampitt & Ashley Post
1/4 - Makenna Geise
1/6 - Katelyn Kundtz
1/10 - Zay Hyman
1/20 - Scott Knapke, Hannah Sumich & McKenna Wildnauer
1/24 - Lisa Dziko
1/25 - Ashley Lochtefeld
1/26 - Sydney Burns
As a Choose Ohio First grant program sponsored by the Ohio Department of Higher Education, our goal is to produce exceptional science and mathematics teachers who will impact the next generation across the state to improve STEM areas.
Science and Math Education in ACTION
Director: Dr. Daniel Brahier
Program Manager: Wendy Standinger
Program Secretary: Cindy Fuller
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