Outliers: Students in ACTION Newsletter
May 2017

Outliers: Students in ACTION  is a monthly publication during the academic year highlighting students and events in the Science and Math Education in ACTION Choose Ohio First grant program at BGSU. 
Reflections from the ACTION Director
by Dr. Daniel Brahier
As we conclude another academic year, ACTION is preparing for many changes in the months ahead.  In May, we will say goodbye to 20 of our seniors as they graduate and begin to make their mark in the classroom. Meanwhile, we will be welcoming 28 incoming freshmen in Cohort 9 in July.  The freshman class is academically strong and brings with them a tremendous level of experience as leaders in their schools and communities.
Dr. Midden joins Wendy, Dr. Brahier and Cindy for the U Hall tour

By August, the ACTION office will be moving to our new home  in Room 304 University Hall (aka U Hall).  U Hall opened in 1915 and is the fourth oldest building on campus.  But over th e past  couple of years, it has been completely renovated to house the Office of Admissions on the main level and the ACTION program on the third floor.  The staff had an opportunity to tour the new facilities in April, and the space is both exciting and promising.  While we will certainly miss the Math Sciences Building where ACTION has "lived" for the past eight years, the move across campus will add new energy to the program and will allow us to collaborate with others in ways that have not been possible in the past.
In the 2017-18 academic year, we anticipate a total of nearly 120 scholars in the program - a record size for ACTION.  Thanks to a two-day planning retreat with the Student Advisory Board, several new initiatives and improvements are planned for the upcoming year, and we will be giving details along the way.  I invite you to like us on Facebook and follow us on Twitter, as we will be posting details about Summer Bridge and the big move throughout the summer.
As we finish the academic year, I want to take this opportunity to thank Wendy and Cindy for all of their hard work again this year - ACTION would not be what it is today without their efforts.  I also appreciate all of the advice and leadership of Drs. Bob Midden, John Fischer, and Mike Ogawa throughout this year.  I hope that all of our scholars and their families have a restful summer and return in August with renewed energy to begin the 2017-18 academic year.

Choose Ohio First Scholar Showcase
Four ACTION scholars were able to travel to the State House in Columbus with Wendy to participate in the Choose Ohio First Scholar Showcase on April 17. The students transported posters for display that summarized the work completed by two first-year research groups. Lauren Rosier, Kyle Timmons and Alaina Sayre have been members of Dr. Larsen's research group studying bacteria. Mackenzie Murray worked with Dr. Haney and three other ACTION students to assist NASA with SMAP (Soil Moisture Active Passive) satellite data research.
Lauren, Mackenzie, Alaina and Kyle pose with the Ohio Secretary of State,  Jon Husted
Legislators, state administrators and other Choose Ohio First scholars milled about during the poster session to learn more about their research. The students were honored to interact and discuss their research with the Ohio Secretary of State, Jon Husted, as well as the Vice-Chancellor of Higher Education, Stephanie Davidson.

President's Award for Academic Excellence
Receiving all A's for a term is a great accomplishment.  Receiving all A's throughout an entire undergraduate college career is outstanding - and something to be celebrated!  At BGSU, students receiving a 4.0 cumulative GPA upon graduation receive the President's Award for Academic Excellence.  The students who were recently presented this award by Dr. Mazey included seven of our twenty ACTION 2017 graduates:  Allison Bendel, Justin Flory, Emma Hall, Kimberly Lentz, Alyssa Lustgarten, Sarah Miller and Jordan Truitt. 

small number of BGSU students  earn a cumulative 4.0 GPA upon graduation
We are very proud of these ACTION members and we join the university in applauding thier accomplishments.  Congratulations to these high achieving students! 

Teacher Question of the Month
Cohort 1 ACTION graduate, Sarah Keane Sayre, teaches 8th grade math at Anthony Wayne. She responds to a question posed by our undergrad students:  "How do you recover from a 'bad lesson'?"

In your first year of teaching, every lesson you are going to teach will be new. Some will go great, and others will flop. The important part is how you handle your "situation" the rest of the day, the next day, and in the future.
As you create new lessons there will be times when they are not as great as you thought. If a lesson goes "bad" and you teach  that same class multiple times - do not teach it the same way again! Reflect on what exactly didn't go right and change it for the next class. This is easier said than done. You  cannot completely recreate a lesson in the four minutes between classes but you can make modifications.  For instance, you could change the order of the examples used in the lesson or take an inquiry-based lesson and make it formal to address student misconceptions. The important thing is to tweak something because it is not beneficial to teach a poor lesson over and over again.
The day after a bad lesson, let students know that the lesson didn't go as you hoped and you want to readdress some material again. It is important to be flexible and although your schedule says to move on the next day, you need to spend the extra time making sure students understand. Research ways other people have taught the material and try teaching it in a different manner.
It is helpful to write notes for future years. Take time to write how a lesson went, what the students had difficulty with, what worked well and list ideas of how you could modify it for the following year. 

Glass City Marathon

Sunday, April 23 dawned a clear and crisp morning for the Toledo Glass 
City Marathon.  For some ACTION scholars, it was their first endeavor at a race like this. Others are more experienced. W e are inspired by all who participated.

In addition to Emma Hall and Alexandria Stough (pictured at left) others from ACTION who ran include Ann Howard, Scott Knapke, Makenna Geise and  Catherine Hildebrand.

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Peer Mentoring
ACTION peer mentoring continues to thrive with both mentors and mentees benefitting. This year's juniors (Cohort 6) were paired with Cohort 8 freshmen, while some of the seniors and sophomores who were paired last year continued the mentoring process.
To close out the year, ACTION hosted a Peer Mentor Dessert in mid-April. After mingling, enjoying some of Cindy's delicious desserts, and honoring the mentors and mentees with fun awards, input was sought from students on how to improve the mentoring process next year.  Excellent feedback was given that will be considered for Cohort 9.  We appreciate each mentor that reached out to build a relationship with a younger scholar.

Josie Luthman was mentored by Katey Wendel

A group of mentors & mentees gather to chat

Ryleigh Hufgard & Kim Wheatley were paired up this year

Introducing...Cohort 9
Congratulations to the 28 top scholars listed below who have been accepted as Choose Ohio First incoming freshmen for ACTION. They will arrive on campus on July 5 for Summer Bridge and we look forward to having them join the ACTION family:
Morgan Bannister, Clyde
Stephen Carleton, Strongsville
Brooke Davis, Morrow
Nicholas Drown, Maumee
Emily Evans, Hudson
Shantel Gray, Toledo
Melanie Heldman, Mason
Lauren Huhn, Kings Mills
Zayion Hyman, Middletown
Travis Justice, New Richmond
Angela Lavelle, Avon
Casey Lowe, Perry
Beth Lustgarten, Powell
Abigail Martin, Swanton
Julia McCavitt, Loveland
Lillian Meier, Oregon
Paige Murta, Powell
Christine Painter, Marysville
Amanda Paisley, Cincinnati
Emily Ryan, Gahanna
Haya Saadeh, Olmsted Twp. 
Robert Selby, Wooster
Kacie Smith, Toledo
Zoe Stokes, Galloway
Madison Swihart, Mt. Gilead
Taylor Ulik, North Canton
Samantha Williams, Brunswick
Dominic Zarba, Zanesville

The College of EDHD Awards

Dr. Brahier was recognized by Sarah Adams

The College of Education and Human Development awards numerous scholarships each year.  We are proud of the following ACTION scholars who received awards and were acknowledged at a ceremony on April 23:
Taylor Nicholson
Jessie Huot
Linda Li
Mackenzie Murray
Kim Wheatley
Allie Clayton
Hailey Ginnever
Sarah Adams
Nicole Wainscott
Erin Janecko
Kyle Timmons
Makenna Geise
Katie Allen
Alexandria Stough
Joe McGuinness
Ashley King
Miranda Fox
Emma Bordner
Gail English
Brandon Kohler
Bryant Kuhlman
Haya Saadeh (Cohort 9)