Outliers: Students in ACTION Newsletter
November 2018
Outliers: Students in ACTION is a monthly publication during the academic year highlighting students and events in the Science and Math Education in ACTION Choose Ohio First grant program at BGSU.
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Reflections from the ACTION Director
ACTION Fall Seminar
10 th Anniversary Section - Top Ten, That was Then/This is Now, Grad Spotlights
Upcoming Events
Reflections from the ACTION Director
by Dr. Daniel Brahier

Fall is in the air, and Thanksgiving is around the corner. This is a good time to thank all of those who make Science and Math Education in ACTION possible. I am particularly grateful to Choose Ohio First who provides the funding for scholarships. On campus, I appreciate the work done by President Rodney Rogers and Provost John Fischer, as well as the leadership of Dr. Bob Midden who serves as Associate Vice Provost. Their unwavering support, as well as the efforts of the Dean of the College of Education and Human Development, Dr. Dawn Shinew, and the Director of the School of Teaching and Learning, Dr. Mark Seals, have made the program what it is today. As always, I am thankful for the tireless efforts of our staff members, Wendy Standinger and Cindy Fuller, who serve our ACTION scholars in countless ways. Finally, I appreciate all of the support of our parents and family members, BGSU faculty, and community members who work with our students daily. As we celebrate 10 years of ACTION, it becomes clearer that we would not be the incredible program we are today without the collaboration of many.
Here is another historical note to consider: Most people assume we have been producing “Outliers” newsletters since ACTION began, but that’s actually not true. The first issue of the newsletter was published in January of 2012, in the middle of the third year of ACTION’s existence. Articles in that first newsletter focused on our “three cohorts” of scholars and how we looked forward to bringing Cohort 4 to campus so that we would have students across all four years of study. Today, all members of those four cohorts (and more!) have graduated.

In the October 2012 newsletter, I wrote about how proud we were to have had ACTION scholars presenting their research and practicum experiences at the annual conference of the Ohio Council of Teachers of Mathematics. Today, six years later, our scholars continue to make presentations at this event. This October, seven students presented on their practicum experience, while four others presented with Sandy Zirkes of the Department of Mathematics and Statistics on their research experience. Both sessions were huge successes with a total of more than 120 teachers in attendance. One teacher at the conference pulled me aside and said, “I had to pinch myself to remember that the presenters of this session are still juniors in college!” Our scholars continue to share their work beyond the campus of BGSU and we are proud of their many accomplishments.
ACTION Fall Seminar

On October 16, Dr. Brahier opened the ACTION Fall Seminar by greeting all in attendance and sharing announcements. The scholars were then asked to gather for a group photo. With over 100 scholars, taking a photo is not an easy task but everyone followed Wendy’s instructions and efficiently gathered for the 2018 ACTION scholar group picture. Students then dispersed to attend one of three breakout sessions.
It was difficult for some students to choose which session to attend as all the options were relevant and interesting. Dave Taylor, Deputy Superintendent from Dayton Early College Academy, talked about urban education, Drs. Debra Gallagher and Joanna Weaver discussed being an effective teacher, and Barb Childers focused on stress management. Scholars were engaged and gained valuable information on each of the three topics. 

During BGSU Homecoming Weekend, ACTION hosted a 10 th Anniversary luncheon for our graduates. Videos from past Summer Bridge programs were available to watch and it was a great chance to reminisce with our alumni. The most recent Cohort 6 graduates from May 2018 enjoyed swapping stories of their first year as teachers and older graduates reconnected as well. All who attended seemed to be impressed with our new space in the renovated University Hall and we appreciate everyone who came to help us celebrate.
In honor of ACTION's 10 th Anniversary, our newsletters contain a special Anniversary section each month with highlights from the past, top ten lists, spotlights on graduates, and more.
Top Ten Things Scholars are Thankful for about ACTION:

#10 - Surrounded by motivated, passionate peers

#9 - Learning Community to live together in Offenhauer residence hall and ACTION/AIMS Student Center in University Hall

#8 - ACTION events such as seminars, information meetings, social activities

#7 - Academic and advising support from Dr. Brahier and other BGSU faculty

#6 - Research opportunities

#5 - Well-rounded program that provides unique opportunities such as presentations at statewide conferences as pre-service teachers and much more

#4 - Scholarship money

#3 - Caring ACTION staff members – Dr. B, Wendy and Cindy (including all the good food Cindy makes!)

#2 - Summer Bridge experience

#1 - Long lasting best friends
Dr. Moses helps Cohort 1 with math
That was THEN, this is NOW...

The first year of the ACTION program, math study groups were facilitated by then Director, Dr. Barbara Moses. Now, one current ACTION scholar majoring in AYA mathematics is hired as a math tutor each year to assist other scholars.
Spotlight on ACTION Graduates
Cohort 2 grad - Lauren Barr
Lauren Barr
Cohort 1
Middle Childhood Education
Pine Intermediate School in North Olmsted Teaching 4th grade science & mathematics

I gained real life experience with utilizing data to improve my teaching and student’s learning.   I fully believe that without ACTION, my time at BGSU would not have been as enjoyable and I would not have learned as much or been so prepared when I left Bowling Green. I was offered 5 teaching positions right after graduation and that was in large part due to my participation in the ACTION program.
Cohort 4 grad - Anna Bailey
Anna Bailey
Cohort 4
AYA Mathematics
William Mason High School in Mason
Teaching 8th grade science

ACTION helped me as a teacher by pushing me out of my comfort zone and allowing me to discover different ways to teach and challenge my students. I met some of my best friends through the ACTION program and being able to share in our experiences during college and now in the classroom as a teacher has been great!
Upcoming ACTION Events
Relay for Life - Saturday, November 17
BGSU Preview Day - Saturday, December 1
ACTION Holiday Gathering - Friday, December 7

To find out more specific details about what is happening in November click on the image of the calendar.
As a Choose Ohio First grant program sponsored by the Ohio Department of Higher Education, our goal is to produce exceptional science and mathematics teachers who will impact the next generation across the state to improve STEM areas.
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Program Secretary: Cindy Fuller
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