Outpouring of Support for MAPS

Dear MAPS Community,

Assalamu Alaykum / Peace be Upon You 

Yesterday there were certain threats made to MAPS. The Redmond Police Department took immediate and comprehensive measures to assure the safety of our community. The Redmond Fire Department and other local and federal law enforcement agencies were here. Redmond Mayor John Marchione was present in person to make sure that our community was safe. Our nightly prayers during this holy month of Ramadan were undisturbed. We congregated and prayed in peace. 

This morning we conducted a press conference to answer questions on the incident. We were joined by Mayor Marchione, interfaith leaders and local and federal law enforcement agencies. Several media outlets have carried the news (links below).

It is with a deep sense of gratitude and admiration that I express my sincere thanks to the officers of the Redmond Police and the Redmond Fire Department. They handled this situation with great courtesy and with great professionalism. They stayed all night until after Fajr (morning prayers). I am asking all of our community members to personally thank the Mayor, his office, our city Police officers, the Fire Department and emergency personnel when you see them around. We are truly blessed to be living in city where we feel like one big family. Thank you!

Because of this incident, we have been receiving an outpouring of support from people everywhere. Governor Jay Inslee called me in person to express his support. And, we have received many emails from the Senators' office, from our interfaith friends, from ordinary citizens expressing support towards the Muslim community. Some supporters with placards showed up in person in front of our mosque today and many are asking us if they can come during our prayers. We are indeed grateful to all those who are reaching out to us - we are truly touched by your unwavering and sincere support. Thank you!

As we continue our fast and prayers this month, please pray for peace and for unity. Stand up against terror and injustice. Remain vigilant but never let terror or intimidation stop us from being who we are - proud Muslims and proud Americans!

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Jazakum-Allah-khairan / Thank you

Mahmood Khadeer
MAPS President