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Is It Time for an Outreach Trainer Update Course?
Stop What You're Doing!
Find a class!

If your expiration date is coming up anytime from June 2020 through December 2020 , take time to find a class now! ( OSHA #502 for Construction ; OSHA #503 for General Industry; OSHA #5402 Maritime ).

Outreach Trainer Notices:

IMPORTANT NOTICE:   Beginning February 2020 Outreach Trainers will be charged any additional fees accrued for credit card charges disputed for legitimate Outreach Card Requests. Please note that your credit card statement for this transaction will be from our Outreach Website Technology Partner – The Rocky Mountain Education Center. View a sample receipt here.

NOTICE: OSHA Outreach Training Program authorized trainers may not rely on internal or external staff, clients, employers, or third parties to prepare, submit, report, retain, or maintain the required OSHA Outreach Training Program training records.

National Fall Stand-Down is May 4-8, 2020 Celebrate with Training!
FREE OSHA #7405 Fall Hazard Awareness for the Construction Industry
Thanks to volunteer OTI  Education Center Instructors/KSC Adjunct Faculty and donated facility space, Keene State College is able to provide FREE OSHA #7405 Fall Hazard Awareness Training throughout New England the week of May 4-8, 2020 Click here for details .

Complementary tuition available for UP to 3 participants MAX per company, association, organization
MUST REGISTER BY APRIL 24, 2020  |  Download the Fall Stand-down Registration form
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Guide to Successful Outreach Teaching   
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Program Requirements
- Advance Notification instructions, 
- Portal use instructions and YouTube visual
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Update your new Trainer card
information on the portal!

Once you have attended update training, it is your responsibility to update your information in the portal. Upload new front and back photos (jpg) of your card and enter your new expiration date.

You DO need to upload images of your new card (front and back jpg photos)and put in your new expiration date. If you don't update in the portal, you will find that you cannot get in to file reports -- it will assume you are expired! 

[If you have changes to your information ( employer or home address) please also complete the Change of Information form for our student records.]
For Frequently Asked Questions,   Click here  
Call Leslie 800.449.6742 with questions or email
OSHA Outreach Trainer National Registry

Authorized OSHA Outreach Trainers are eligible to opt in to receive referrals from the OSHA "FIND A TRAINER" database.

Your trainer status must be current. You must be registered in the Region 1 New England Outreach Trainer Portal with CURRENT INFORMATION. 

TO OPT IN: Login to your account. Select TRAINER CONTACT INFORMATION from the left navigation after logging in. Update that page to indicate that you OPT IN to receive referrals. Make sure all information on the page is CURRENT and COMPLETE.   (Click here for a screen shot of that page)

QUESTIONS: Contact Leslie:  or 800.449.6742.

Region 1 Outreach Training Coordinator:, or call 800.449.6742.

Are You a CSHO?
If so, you need to update your CSHO CERTIFICATE's "Valid Through Date"

Because as a CSHO you must be a current authorized Outreach Trainer, your CSHO certificate has a Valid Through Date that coincides with your Trainer Expiration Date.When signing up for your Outreach Trainer Update Course, contact Cheryl Sprague ( to request that your updated CSHO certificate be sent to the course.

Keep up with changes at OSHA through QuickTakes.

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OSHA Education Center staff
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