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Oct. 1, 2015
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This is Discipleship
This is Discipleship

One Thing Works In Outreach Today

Practical, Doable Outreach Workshop 

Saturday, Oct. 17 9am-2pm
@The Village Lutheran Church, Lacombe, LA. Lunch Included!

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As a mission church planter, I learned that there is only ONE THING that will reach people today and help grow your congregation. 

In this workshop I will teach you and your team the One Thing I learned in over 12 years as a mission church planter.  Using the tools you will learn in this practical and doable workshop, we saw 125 adults come to faith, baptism, and discipleship in the local congregation plus 167 children baptized over a three year period.
  • Bring a Team
  • Leave With an Outreach Plan that is Practical and Doable.
  • High Grace/Low Risk Outreach
  • Outreach that is proven to work in our Lutheran context.
The world around us has changed, and so has the way we reach people and make disciples.

Which Way Do You Go
When Most Outreach No Longer Works

"Attractional" Church no longer works.
Contemporary worship no longer works.
VBS no longer works.
What you did 5, 10, 15 years ago no longer works.

What Does Work?

Come to the workshop and learn the One Thing that works in outreach today.

Learn how to lead your congregation outside the walls of the church building and into the community where you will connect with people who will come to faith, baptism, and discipleship within your local congregation.

You will...
Leave with the beginnings of a doable and practical outreach plan that will help you connect with your community and see people come to faith, baptism, and discipleship.

Learn how to lead your congregation in taking non-threatening baby steps out into the community.

Discover high grace and low risk ways to connect with your community.

Connect with people.

Connect people to Jesus.

Connect people to your congregation.

Resulting in...

A healthier congregation.

New people coming to faith, baptism, and discipleship in your congregation.

Making disciples!

Put it on your calendar

Start inviting people to be on your team

RSVP to bring your team on Oct. 17

I'm Eric Johnson, your Mission and Ministry Facilitator.
My job is to support you and your congregation in your mission & ministry within the walls of your church building and especially outside your walls in the community where people who don't yet know Jesus live and work.


Areas where I can be helpful include, but are not limited to, Small Groups, VBS, Sunday School, Confirmation, Building Bridges to the community around your church, Outreach/Evangelism, Youth, and Stewardship.  


I Live To Serve 


My specialty is helping congregations grow by building bridges in their communities to reach people who don't yet know Jesus.  


When you find that you and your congregation can use some suggestions with ideas and resources, I'm here to help.  


You can reach me @     

or by calling my direct line @ 985-796-7175


Your Servant In Christ's Mission,


Eric Johnson