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LAPP's SKINTOP Hygienic & INOX for Food & Beverage

Leading the way are our FSMA-compliant cable glands SKINTOP® INOX and SKINTOP® HYGIENIC. These are compact, corrosion-resistant stainless steel cable glands that have unique design features that prevent microorganisms and bacteria from sticking to surfaces. Their smooth surfaces and large corner radii, as well as the lack of exposed threads, prevent the accumulation of bacteria and fluids for the safest cleaning possible.

▷ Clean Machines - Food & Beverage Cables/Connectors (PDF)

ÖLFLEX® VFD 2XL/VFD 2XL Symmetrical

ÖLFLEX® VFD 2XL is a robust oil- and UV-resistant shielded motor cable for VFD drives. The XLPE (plus) insulation with enhanced electrical properties can withstand twice the dielectric voltage test, provides extended performance, and is suitable for 2kV applications.

▷ ÖLFLEX® VFD cable construction provides outstanding cable flexibility (Video)

OLFLEX® 409P and 408P Control Cables Use Jacket Co-Extrusion Tech

The unique design of ÖLFLEX® 409P control cable utilizes jacket co-extrusion technology. The abrasion resistant and notch-resistant polyurethane outer jacket is fully connected to the functional interstice filler layer made of special PVC. The improved mechanical tear characteristics of the new filler can counteract problems that typically occur during cable processing. The cut depth can be reduced in order to protect the conductor insulation.  The functional layer’s improved tear characteristics prevent the cable jacket from fraying when it is torn off in an uncontrolled manner. This delivers significant improvements for mechanical and manual stripping.

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