Dear Friends, 

We are gratified to share the results of our most recent State Survey. From the dietary realm to activities to building cleanliness, Sinai Center's performance was excellent. It takes strong team work at every level to achieve the outstanding results we obtained, and we are inordinately proud of our remarkable team. Special thanks to our dedicated doctors and nurses whose commitment to excellence is integral to our success.  

With summer winding down, we are intent on making the most of these sun-drenched days - enjoying lively entertainment outdoors and trips galore such as our recent resident outing to Eagle Rock. And of course, our air-conditioned building serves as a cool oasis at all times, and refreshing drinks are always available to keep our residents are well-hydrated.

Golde Bondy, LNHA
Go Sinai! Great Survey! Phenomenal Team!

The empowered team at Sinai on R.E.D. Friday, celebrating their impressive survey results and showing their support for our military service men and women.
It's Barbecue Season at Sinai!
Our recent 2018 Emergency Personnel Appreciation BBQ was a resounding success with scores of first responders and VIP's sharing in the fun. Our Director of Food Services Jonathan Fox and his team worked the grills, serving up culinary fare seasoned with gratitude for the lifesaving work of these selfless men and women.

We are proud to honor our local heroes!

Our hardworking staff was treated to an Employee Appreciation BBQ on August 7th. The event took place in our employee parking lot and featured great food, raffles and music.
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