Dear Marshian {First Name},


Last weekend at The Marsh (which is much the same as this week) an Artistic Director’s Dream.

Starting off with the fabulous first performance of Robert Townsend’s Living The Shuffle . Instantaneous Standing Ovation. 

The first ten folks that wish to see the show for FREE, use the code - TOWNSEND . Or, use the code - SHUFFLE - for $10 off your tickets.

Same thing for the first weekend of David Hirata’s The Jap Box . Instantaneous Standing Ovation.

Jap Box: “Outstanding World Premiere Production”
San Diego Fringe Festival

Saturday is David Hirata’s official opening night of The Jap Box . Join us for delightful magic, history and story. There will be cake! To celebrate we are offering TEN free tickets.

The first ten folks that wish to see the show for FREE, use the code - PERRY . Use the code - INTERNMENT - for $10 off your tickets.

Enjoy a cocktail! Berkeley Bar opens one hour before the show


Closing November 16
And ovation after ovation for all ten months of sold-out performances of Dan Hoyle’s Border People . Just 6 more performances before it closes on November 16.

Final 2 Performances
Victoria Podesta’s first, full-length solo performance, The DESIGNATED DAUGHTER captures the mother/daughter bond and bind. This wonderful performance is a must see for all with a special import for caregivers and someday caregivers.

Talkback Saturday: Amanda Coggin, Zen Hospice Project. Use the code - DESIGNATED - for $10 off your tickets.

Marsh Rising Nov 6
A Benefit for the Charlotte Maxwell Complementary Clinic

Shedding light on our experiences.
Our stories developed, birthed, voiced, in community.

An Artistic Director’s Dream Week. The Marsh

All my best,

Stephanie Weisman
Artistic Director/Founder

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Now Playing at The Marsh
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Opening Party, Sat, Nov 9
Robert Townsend's
Living the Shuffle

This one-man show returns Townsend to his roots in the theater, where he showcases his uncanny ability with impressions and performs a cast of characters like you’ve never seen before.   

Through Dec 1
Fridays at 8pm
Saturdays at 8:30pm
Sundays at 5:30pm

Opens This Weekend!
David Hirata's
The Jap Box

Japanese-American magician David Hirata excavates the mysteries and stories of The Jap Box . Through monologue and magic, The Jap Box unveils illusions and surprises from the Japanese-American story.

Through Dec 1
Saturdays at 5pm
Sundays at 2pm
Final 2 Performances!
Victoria Podesta's
The Designated Daughter

Every family has one: the dutiful child who stays behind shouldering familial responsibilities. Victoria wasn’t that daughter.

Wednesday at 8pm
Saturday at 5pm
 San Francisco
with the Reimagine Festival
Must Close Nov 16
Dan Hoyle's
Border People

" He’s not simply telling people’s stories; he’s creating cross-cultural connection in a disconnected world, and asking us to do the same. "

Must Close Nov 16
Saturday at 5
San Francisco
Returns Next Weekend!
November 10
Don Reed's

" Saturday Night Live  said Don was "too white." An  In Living Color  exec said he wasn't "black enough." So, Don's doing his OWN damn sketch variety show! An evening of irreverent sketches, and edgy stand-up.

Through Dec 29
Saturdays at 8:30pm
Sundays at 5:30pm

San Francisco
Slam Jam

A brand new series presenting original music and poetry featuring a rotating lineup of Bay Area Spoken Word Artists, Live Artists, and Musicians.

7 pm -10 pm
Tuesday, Nov 5

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Welcome to the Cancer Cafe * Nov 6th

A Marsh Rising Presentation A Benefit for the Charlotte Maxwell Clinic - Written & Performed by Judith C - Directed by Rebecca Fisher - Wednesday, November 6, 2019, at 7:30 pm 60 minutes | No Intermission | Ages 18+Tickets: $15 Marsh

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Fool La La - Once Upon a Mind - Dec 27 – Jan 5, 2020

The Bay Area's favorite Clown Prince of Fools, Unique Derique, returns to The Marsh Berkeley for his annual holiday show with brand new, mindfully comedic mishaps for all ages in Fool La La: Once Upon a Mind.

Read more
Grandma and Me (Workshop) - Nov 16 and 23

Join Brian Copeland on his journey through his early life. Afterward, stay for a talkback with the Director, David Ford, to help him fine-tune this brilliant piece of Solo Theater.

Read more