February 2019
RIT Venture Creations works with high-potential, technology-based startups to develop them into successful companies
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What a quarter for Venture Creations client companies!
Where Are They Now?
“It's amazing how many resources are out there and how willing they are to help you,” said Shannon Chevier talking about one of the many positive experiences she’s had since beginning her company  IMSWorkX .  

In 2012, after spending 16 years as a director at Performance Technologies Shannon, started her own company. Shannon came across some software that piqued her interest. With that software forming the foundation for the company, IMSWorkX joined RIT Venture Creations in December 2012. The company graduated just over three years later in October 2015. While IMSWorkX was at the incubator, she hired 11 employees and recorded over $1Million in sales. Since then she has grown her business to become one of the key players in the telecommunications field.  

IMSWorkX provides high quality, high availability, multi-protocol network solutions to use on their clients' network Service Layer. Their solution is currently being used worldwide by many of the major phone carriers. As an example, the IMSWorkX software aids in "1-800 services" for many businesses including some of the major banks in Rochester.  

When asked her thoughts on how IMSWorkX became as successful as it is now, she said it is the quality of their people and their engineers. There is a lot that goes into their software and a lot of care is implemented into what they do, so the quality of their employees is very important to make sure their software is as good as it gets.  

Shannon’s advice to other people considering starting a business is not like the traditional advice that you typically hear. Shannon said it’s very important that you talk to your family. Make sure they are on the same page and know the risks that might come along the way. Shannon had a long conversation with her husband before she started her IMSWorkX journey so they could weigh the risks and rewards together. “When the harder times hit you need to know that your family understands the commitment”. 

In December 2018, IMSWorkX was acquired by local telecom company REDCOM Laboratories, Inc . Shannon and the IMSWorkX team are now a part of REDCOM, which has been headquartered in the Rochester area since its founding in 1978. 

Venture Creations congratulates Shannon and IMSWorkX on their success and we look forward to seeing their continued success and growth in the future.  
Other News
University Technology Showcase speaker
Mike Molaire, CEO and founder of Molecular Glasses has just been announced as one of the speakers for the 2019 University Technology Showcase . The showcase is being held at the DoubleTree Hotel on 1111 Jefferson Road, Rochester, NY on April 4, 2019 from 1:00pm to 5:00pm.
Expanding Ask the Expert!
We are very excited to welcome a new service to our Ask the Expert program. The third Tuesday of every month Kate Meddaugh from Chester F. Carlson Patent & Trademark Resource Centers meets with the client companies to answer any and all questions they may have regarding their patent or trademark. We are thrilled to have Kate Meddaugh and her services along with EFPR Group, Canandaigua National Bank and Trust, and Boylan Code.
Congratulations Bill Jones!
Congratulations and best wishes to Bill Jones, Venture Creations Director from 2010 to 2015, on his recent retirement. During his tenure as Director, Bill led the transition of the incubator from a “startup” to a highly successful organization. In 2016 he was given the “Magical Mentor” award by Upstate Venture Connect, an entrepreneur-led nonprofit helping to connect Upstate New York entrepreneurs with the resources needed for success. All of us at Venture Creations congratulate Bill on his retirement and wish him well.