We have over 1750 people booked &

Of course I wish this ship had more balconies but every large ship has a variety of cabins. Over our 18 cruises a large % of our passengers have gravitated to balconies and they will spoil you BUT this cruise is much different! WE BIKERS HAVE THE WHOLE SHIP!!! The pools, restaurants, bars, casino, spa, all lounge areas, main dining, specialty restaurants, pubs, gym, theaters... EVERY INCH OF THIS SHIP IS OURS!!!   I guarantee you that you won't be spending nearly as much time in your cabin on this rally cruise. The main entertainment decks (other than the pool on deck 10) are on 5 and 6. We still have some great cabin locations on decks 3 and 4 in the center of the ship directly between the 2 main entertainment areas.

I category Ocean View cabins and inside L and N category cabins on deck 3 between the theatre and the main centrum with elevators at most within 100 feet each direction to all the socializing areas. AND for those that want an upper deck nearer the top pool area, the  few remaining M and K category inside cabins are ALL on decks 8, 9 and 10. Now that the rush is over, you can call and ask about available cabin #'s etc.

Remember:   To be on the wait list for a balcony cabin, you must already have a cabin.  We do have 2 balconies left! T
S Family Suites on deck 8 and 9. 
They are 2 of the biggest and best on the ship. Only the Royal Suite is bigger. These TS cabins do sleep up to 8 people and are in the best locations. Got some friends you don't mind hanging out with for a week... WHAT A DEAL!   Divided by 8 people it's just $1475 each. For 2 people, that's $275.00 LESS than our lowest cost balcony. Divided by 6 people, that's $1966 each. Just $337.00 more than a Superior Balcony for 2 and $493.00 less than a Junior Suite for 2. We can't build new balconies on this ship but I can guarantee you, you don't want to miss this
BEST EVER  High Seas Rally.! 

Get onboard ASAP before we sell out.   Already there...recruit a friend and get your ticket to win $1,000 CASH the first night of the cruise with our Virgin Bounty drawing.    REMEMBER:   New Virgin cruisers have just 30 days after their registration to mention their recruiter's name to put them in the drawing.

All those registered for 2017. Cabin category #'s have now been assigned  and your invoice with important info has been mailed out. We greatly appreciate your patience. Please review your invoice to be sure all your info is correct. Call or e-mail with any corrections.

Over 700 reservations in a 35 second time frame means if you and your friend hit the send button at the same time, there could easily be 50-100 or more reservations between you. After the fact, we also learned that computer speed and internet provider speed also played a big part in who gets their reservation in first . I just don't know how to level the field on this situation?  Of course the website going down AGAIN didn't help. No one is more upset than us. You have no idea how much EXTRA we paid to prevent this from happening AGAIN.

Assigning cabins at opening day  is like seating a 2,000 person wedding without invitations and everyone shows up at a different time and wants a certain table near their friends. Please keep in mind that if you're cabin reservation #413 and 20 reservations before you asked for the same cabin as you, that cabin is gone. In that case, I have just a few options. Place you as close to that requested cabin as possible or in that same area. Place you near an elevator near your friends or give you the best remaining cabin available in your category.  Making it much tougher were several that chose a cabin # that was not in the cabin category they selected. For example: They chose an inside cabin category/price with a balcony cabin # to be near their friends. It don't work that way and I'm assuming due to the first minute rush that many left off their spouses info by accident? At least that's the excuse I got when I called them?? That being said, I believe most all will be happy with their requests. The others will just make more new biker friends next door!

We'll be working on hotels, drink packages and merchandise over the next couple of months. All our excursions are custom on this cruise and will not be announced until 2017. WATCH FOR THE NEWSLETTERS.

Susan has some  NEW BIG EXCITING ANNOUNCEMENTS coming in just a few days as we are just beginning to add to this  BIGGEST HIGH SEAS RALLY EVER!!!!

Wishing you a safe and a happy July 4th!

Celebrate by booking your cabin on what is going to be the most exciting Biker Rally on a cruise ship EVER!!!

High Seas Rally

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