Just a reminder that if you live in Teton County outside of Jackson city limits, you are required to secure all bear attractants starting July 1. Enforcement goes into effect on November 1, 2022. To see the language of section 5.1.3 of the county land development regulations, click here.

Thanks to storage at the National Elk Refuge, two large anonymous donations from incredible Teton County residents, dozens of volunteer hours, a community truck from Garth and Christy Gillespie, and super amazing Program Manager, Drew Gath, Jackson Hole Bear Solutions has placed over 220 bear-resistant trash cans throughout the county. We have also raised enough funds to purchase an additional truckload of cans thanks to the generous donations of people not only countywide but nationwide. You helped us meet the $50,000 match and purchase an additional truckload of 280 cans that will be here in late July/early August. Local trash haulers have also gotten out about 200-300 cans, getting us well underway to securing garbage in Teton County.

If you would like to help us raise funds for another truckload of cans as well as electric fencing, bear-resistant compost bins, and other coexistence tools, click below to donate today.

Join people from all across the country in celebrating Wyoming nonprofits by participating in WyoGives. This annual day of giving is a chance to support Wyoming Wildlife Advocates and JH Bear Solutions by donating to help us purchase more trash cans, electric fencing, dumpsters, etc. so we can finally get to zero human/bear conflicts in Teton County.

Our partners at #RelistWolves and Wolves of the Rockies have prepared age-specific materials for a summer letter writing campaign to mobilize young voices on behalf of wolves. Our goal is to educate young people about the relisting issue while also getting as many letters sent to the White House as possible. These materials include: 
  • Two versions of a pre-addressed postcard with our rewriting extinction comic strip to color in (Grades K-5). In addition to a pre-written message, there’s a short section for kids to write their own short message.
  • Postcard 1 | Postcard 2

  • An ‘advocacy guide’ for young adults to write their own letter to the White House (Grades 6-12). Advocacy Guide

Please share photos of finished letters or drawings with the #RelistWolves hashtag on social media to be shared with the public and the Biden Administration.

On Grizzly Ground is a multimedia expedition documenting helps and hurdles federally protected bears encounter as they expand their territory in the West. The finished film, On Grizzly Ground, premieres summer 2023.

Emmy-nominated journalist, Kris Millgate, stopped by this spring to follow us on some of our deliveries of bear-resistant trash cans and to ask what we think about human conflict with grizzlies.

"I want to show you what happens when the wild tries to make its way with us in the way," says Kris Millgate, outdoor journalist and owner of Tight Line Media. "To do that, I went underwater for salmon in Ocean to Idaho. Now I definitely need my head above water for what’s next."

The road trip for field production of On Grizzly Ground runs June through October 2022. New episodes post every Tuesday on this site, social media and Millgate’s YouTube channel.

"We spent the last two years understanding all the challenges disappearing salmon face to return to Idaho," says Travis Zmak, Teton Toyota managing partner on behalf of your local Toyota Dealers. "Most people think that when a species reaches recovery, the difficulties are over. We are about to find out what the other side of recovery looks like."

Ride shotgun with Millgate, Toyota and Vista Outdoor through Yellowstone National Park and Grand Teton National Park plus portions of Idaho, Montana and Wyoming.


Continuing the theme of human/bear coexistence, our summer billboard features tips people can take to keep a bear safe property. Cleaning grills, keeping pet food inside, securing garbage, and ensuring beehives are inaccessible to bears are all part of living in a way that keeps bears and people safe.

This year's billboard features a beautiful Yellowstone grizzly sow and cub photo from our board member, Amy Fain-Gerber. Check out all of Amy's photos HERE!

Our spring AmeriCorps member was Hannah Robart. Hannah came to us from Pennsylvania and was excited to spend time near two of the most incredible national parks in the nation. Hannah had some great insights on wildlife and conservation. Read all about it by clicking below.

"Every voice can have an impact. No matter how small the group of individuals, there is still so much power behind those voices and they deserve to be heard."


After the recent flooding in Yellowstone, many are asking where they can send resources to the communities that are affected the most. Below is a list of organizations that are helping the communities of Gardiner, Red Lodge, and Cooke City that are experiencing great hardship. A GoFundMe has also been set up to help the Yellowstone employees who lost everything when their housing was swept downriver. 

Many young wildlife will struggle to get across streams swollen with flood waters but they are resilient - like this tough little elk calf who makes it to safety. Any animals who do perish will become food for scavengers and other carnivores like bears and wolves. Click the photo above to watch the elk calf's perseverance.

Montana Red Cross: 1-800-HELP-NOW
Southwest Montana Flood Relief Fund: text Flood22 to 41444
Red Lodge Area Community Foundation:

Video from ViralHog
Photos credits (in order of appearance):
Truck with Cans: Drew Gath
Yellowstone Wolf: Josh Shandera
Drew and Kristin Assembling Cans: Tightline Media
Hannah Loading Cans: Kathryn Ziesig Jackson Hole Daily
Cody Billboard: Lamar
Elk Calf Crossing River Video: Viral Hog