Vol. 1, Issue 5, January 31, 2019
Hamilton's Labour Market Connection
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In this week's edition: Last chance to complete the EmployerOne Survey; Review our Labour Market Snapshot for up to the minute labour market info; How to deal with 4 different generations in the workplace.
Thanks to the 300+ employers who have completed EmployerOne to date!
Over 300 employers have completed our Employer One Survey! If you have not had time to complete the survey…we need to hear from YOU by February 4th.

There are still many sectors and large and small sized companies that we haven’t hear from. 
To make the EmployerOne results valid and useful for our community we need your input.

Why Take the Time to do the Survey?

  • The 5 - 8 minutes that you take to complete the survey provide timely labour market information to help job seekers and new labour market entrants like students or newcomers to understand where the jobs are available and what skills are in demand  
  • The information assists training and employment service providers to guide students and job seekers in the right direction regarding career decisions.
  • It’s win/win as employers will have a better educated workforce, with less turnover of staff

Three things to know about Hamilton's labour market in 2018 Q4 and much more

WPH recently released our Labour Market Snapshot, 2018, Quarter 4 which is full of useful labour market information such as: occupations that are growing and declining; occupations with the most online job postings: industries with the highest employment, and recent industry trends.

3 things to know about the labour market in 2018 Q4

  • The economy finished strong as job postings increased from last year by 23%
  • Transport and heavy equipment operation occupations saw the largest increase in employment year over year
  • Wholesale and retail trade industry declined the most by 8,200 jobs

With 4 generations in the workplace employers expected to juggle vastly different expectations
For the first time in contemporary history, there are four generations in the workforce — baby boomers, Generation X, millennials and the first of generation Z — human resources experts say. 

With employees ranging in age from their late teens to their 70s, businesses must tailor management styles to the multi-generational workforce.

Labour Force Information, Hamilton, December 2018
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