Life Science Nation Newsletter | December 20, 2018 | Issue 297

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   Life Science Investor Mandates
(Dec. 13 - Dec. 19 )
Seeking Early-Stage Therapeutic Investment Opportunities
Seeks Global, Strategic Investment Opportunities in Therapeutics, Devices, and Diagnostics Companies
Invests Up to $25M in High Potential Opportunities with China Angle
Invests in Early to Growth-Stage Healthcare Companies, With Strongest Interest in Digital Health Technologies
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By Dennis Ford, Founder & CEO, Life Science Nation; Creator of RESI Conference Series

Partnering is key. RESI is a dedicated partnering conference and will have 1400 meetings in one day. What is the salient difference between RESI and other conferences when it comes to partnering? RESI does not do the traditional "pay-to-pitch" on the podium to an unknown audience. We have found that the audience winds up being a mix of potential partners, other CEOs looking for competitive info and service providers wanting to sell their services. At RESI, when you sign up in our partnering system, investor profiles are highly detailed and tagged, allowing companies to perform searches and find the right investors and partners who are a fit for the companies' stage of development and product set. This means you have a very high hit-rate on meetings because the RESI investors know that the firm making the request is a fit for their investment mandate.

At LSN, we vet all participating investors and do our best to ensure that those who attend are direct investors, not investment banks or broker-dealers...

By Tomer Epstein, Head of Medical Device & Digital Health, Israel Export Institute

With the RESI SF event during JPM week less than 3 weeks away the Israel Export Institute and the Israel Economic Mission to the West Coast are excited to partner with LSN and attend their annual event, RESI, one of the most prestigious investment events in the states, bringing over 500 investors under one roof.

We are bringing a delegation of 11 companies to join the RESI conference at JPM week. These companies are truly a good representation of Israel's Digital Health Nation, showcasing technologies and solutions in: Artificial Intelligence, Personalized Medicine, Remote Monitoring, Decision Support Systems and more...

Meet the Delegation:

By Lucy Parkinson, VP of Investor Research, LSN

As big pharma companies continue to look outwards for innovative new therapeutics to add to their pipelines, many entrepreneurs are thinking about how to secure a partner even at the earliest stages of product development. At RESI, our Big Pharma panelists will inform the audience on how they source and vet new external opportunities, and what you should be doing to get their support as a partner.

Moderated by Chris Haskell (VP, Head of West Coast Innovation Center - Bayer), the panelists are:
  • Jessica Droge (Executive Director, Business Development - Amgen)
  • Niels Emmerich (Vice President, Global Head Search and Evaluation - AbbVie)
  • Kimberly Folander (Executive Director, Enabling Technologies, BD&L - Merck)
  • Chris Church (Manager, Partnering and Strategy, MedImmune - AstraZeneca)

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