Over sun exposed skin
Oct 2017
After summer, comes...
Sun lovers have been spoiled this summer! Whether we like to sunbathe or not, the sun can be beneficial for each and every one of us: a good dose of vitamin D, cheerfulness, heat... In short, pure bliss!
But as we all know, the sun can also have negative effects. Despite our efforts to apply sunscreen every day, multiple times a day (you do, don’t you?), UV rays can still cause our skin to age prematurely.
We also tend to forget that our neck and our hands are very often exposed to the sun, making them vulnerable to the adverse effects of sun overexposure. Just take a look at your hands, you’ll see!
Here are a few examples of premature aging effects due to sun exposure:
If you are dealing with one of these problems, contact us ! We have a solution for you.
Psst! We also have sunscreen designed specifically for your face. And if you ever wondered, here’s the order in which to apply it:
  • Moisturizing cream;
  • Sunscreen;
  • Makeup.
NEW Service: Benefits of PRP Injections
The natural aging of your skin is mainly due to an imbalance over time, between the deterioration and renewal of its components, such as collagen and certain cells. This process causes thinning and dry skin, gradually reducing its quality and appearance.
It is the same with our hair! At some point, we begin to lose more hair than is able to grow back, resulting in thinning of the hair, a condition called Alopecia.
Whether it’s to promote the process of facial skin rejuvenation (including neck and décolleté) or your hair, PRP Injections (a plasma "concentrate" rich in platelets and growth factors, prepared using your own blood) is a treatment of choice to improve the quality of your skin (firmness and tone) or to stimulate the regrowth and thicken of your hair.
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